The Picaken Pinterest Challenge

Last week Sherry from Young House Love and Katie from Bower Power announced their Pinterest Challenge: Winter Edition.  The challenge that they are co-hosting with Cassie from Hi Sugarplum and Erin from The Great Indoors is designed to get all those that love pinning on Pinterest to actually tackle creating something that they’ve pinned.  It can be anything: big or small, recipe, craft… just do something you’ve pinned with your own spin on it and report back on March 14th.

I LOVE stuff like this and I really wanted to play along.  But I was already committed to creating the chess board (which was something that I had not pinned) and the rest of our weekend was booked.  I pretty much resigned myself to wait and participate in the next one.

But as all my crazy ideas tend to do, it kept nagging at the back of my brain.  Tyson’s birthday is March 14th and last year, one of the girls in our Church Small Group made this cake for his big day.  It was AMAZING!!

Converse Cake |

Our Small Group would be over again this Sunday and I had one pin of a dessert that I had been curious to make.  I had the ingredients and our group needed dessert… Did I dare try this?  Oh yeah… Bring it!

Now I really need you to know… I don’t cook.  I mean, I can feed my family, but I don’t make amazing creations and there is almost always some portion of it that is either burned or undercooked.  I say this to give you fair warning over what you are about to read… I truly have no idea what I’m doing in the kitchen.

The Tale of the Picaken:

The original pin came from Jamie the Very Worst Missionary.  She writes an incredible blog about her life with her family living as missionaries in Costa Rica.  She is very honest about her faith, Christian culture and life in general… a definite must read.  I also follow her on Pinterest and re-pinned her picaken because:

1) My son had been talking about a turducken which sounded insane.  This was the dessert version of that and sounded much tastier.

2) Jamie’s cake looks gorgeous.  And the story of how she ended up creating three picakens in three weeks is highly entertaining.

I started with a Cherry Pie that was taking up valuable real-estate in my freezer and I thought I’d combine it with a chocolate cake… kind of a Black Forest Picaken.

Cherry Pie |

And then I realized I only had vanilla cake mix.  Tyson went to the grocery store for me with a list to pick up a deep pie pan, chocolate cake mix, and frosting… so maybe I didn’t have as many of the ingredients as I thought I had.  I also had him pick up cookies from the bakery… you know, just in case.

This is what he brought home:

Supplies |

That’s a disposable roasting pan.  It’s square.  But it’s deep and Sherry and Katie said to put my own take on things so I went with it.  Also, the cake mix has chocolate chunks in it. Is that gonna be weird?  I guess there’s only one way to find out.

Step One: Bake a Pie

I baked my pie and it looked stunning.  I posted this photo on Facebook and got lots of yummy comments.  Too bad this was just the first step.

Baked Pie |

Step Two: Bake Pie into a Cake

Once the pie had cooled, I made up the cake mix.  Jamie suggested pouring one cup of batter into a springform pan.  I don’t have a springform pan, so we improvised with the roasting pan.  Plus the fluted edges will make for a cute design in the cake, right?

Flipped Pie |

Unbaked Picaken |

Hmmm… the batter is not covering the pie.  Note to self: get a springform pan before attempting another picaken.  Maybe the cake will fluff up around the pie…

Baked Picaken |

No such luck.  At this point, I’m thinking a Plan B might be necessary.  What this cake is in serious need of is… more cake.  Good thing I have a vanilla cake mix on stand by. Again, the girls had said to put my own take on things, so why not sandwich my Black Forest Picaken between vanilla cake?  Makes sense to me.

Step 3: Bake Another Cake

And it looked lovely too.

Vanilla Cake |

Did I mention that while I was baking a pie, a picaken, and a back-up cake… this was happening?

Cookies |

Tessa made her Dad chocolate chip cookies for working so hard in the yard all day.  She added sprinkles to the batter.  They were yummy and my house smelled amazing!

Step 4: Assembly

I lined up the sheet cake with the picaken and sliced it down to the size I needed.

Two Cakes |

I then sliced the vanilla cake length wise.

Sliced Cake |

Because this cake is too big for my standard cake plate, I set the first vanilla cake slice on a vegetable platter and then I flipped the picaken onto it.  It actually looked pretty decent.

Picaken Assembly |

I asked Tyson if he thought we needed the second slice of vanilla cake to top it off.  His vote… definitely!

Picaken Sandwich |

Kinda looks like a giant sandwich.

Step 5: Frost

Jamie recommended making your own frosting.  As you might have already guessed, I don’t know how to make my own frosting and I was running short on time.  I went with a tub.  My goal was to frost some, let it set in the refrigerator for a bit, and then finish frosting it.  I’d seen it on a cooking show once.  This bad boy took an entire tub just to get light coverage and there were crumbs everywhere.

Step 6: Head to the Store for more Frosting

If I had taken Jamie’s advice, I could’ve whipped up some more frosting, but I knew I didn’t have the supplies for that so I needed to make a frosting run.

True Confessions Time: When I got home from the store I began to panic.  My picaken was taking forever to frost and in the midst of trying to do this, Daylight Savings happened.  I mean, I had set all the clocks forward, made it to church on time, was going thru my day making a picaken when I realized I hadn’t changed the kitchen clock and I would have people arriving in less than an hour instead of the two hours I thought I still had.  There were a thousand other things that needed to get done and WHY WAS I MAKING A PICAKEN?!?!?!?!

My family is awesome and everyone jumped in to help.  We had a fully frosted picaken by the time our guests arrived.

Our unweighed 10lb 4oz Picaken:

Picaken |

That’s a cherry pie baked inside of a chocolate cake sandwiched between vanilla cake and frosted with over three tubs of frosting.  It was heavy!!

Slice of Picaken |

It was pretty tasty too.

I’m not sure if this is what the girls had in mind for their Pinterest Challenge: Winter Edition, but I’m so glad I did it.  It has been one of my favorite blogging experiences; lots of laughter and silliness.  I definitely will make picaken again… the family is already talking other flavor combinations.

And Happy Birthday to my awesome husband, Tyson, who continually encourages me even when I come up with the craziest of ideas.  You’re the best!

My Guys |


  1. Courtney says:

    I came here from Bower Power, and had to comment. This made me laugh so hard I cried!! In fact, I am having a hard time typing, because I am still laughing. Your Pinterest challenge story is so cute, I will have to read more of your blog. My favorite part…”I asked Tyson if he thought we needed the second slice of vanilla cake to top it off. His vote… definitely!” Because who wouldn’t want more cake with their pie?!? And, now I want to make a Piecaken!!

    • Storypiece says:

      Hi Courtney,

      Thanks for your kind words… you made my day! I’m so glad you laughed. We were cracking up through the whole process, but then you wonder if you’re just a goof having a “you had to be there” moment.

      You have to try making a Picaken. I promise you won’t regret it!


    • Storypiece says:

      Ha, ha, ha!! Inception Cake… I love it! It tasted ridiculously awesome; better than it looks. You should definitely make one. And I think lifting that thing counts as a workout to offset the caloric intake.

      Thanks for hosting… it was major fun!

  2. Alex says:

    A picaken…I swear to you I have never heard of that term before. You shouldn’t be surprised given my culinary skills. I don’t know how much cardio that would take to get rid of but it looks goooooooood….

    • Danielle says:

      It would take SO much cardio!! We served it at a party with 15 to 20 people and still had half of it leftover. We then made everyone take some home with them (because we are awesome friends like that) and still had picaken for days.

  3. Katie Bower says:

    Whoa. That is amazing. I had never heard of this either but I think by the time you got to ‘fluted edges’ I was already thinking of making my own 🙂 Thanks for linking up! So glad to see this! xo – Katie bower

    • Danielle says:

      Thanks, Katie! Sorry, you got hit with such an old ping back. I’m resizing photos since I’m neurotic like that. 🙂 When I finished this one up, I was thinking that our family is overdue for another picaken too. So delicious!

  4. Danielle says:

    Never heard of it but very intriguing. And actually, I’m thinking this would have to be called a picakie, since I’m pretty sure that chocolate chunk mix up there is a brownie mix!

    • Danielle says:

      Oh my goodness… You are so right! I’ve never noticed that before. 🙂 We’ve made a few of these since and I can tell you, cake or brownie, frozen pie or fresh baked, they are ALL equally delicious.

      Good eye and thanks for letting me know!

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