Workroom Seating-Update

Sometimes I just can’t leave well enough alone.  You know that feeling when you had a vision for something and it didn’t come out quite like you’d hoped?  It wasn’t bad, it just didn’t achieve your expectation.

Last night after posting about the “new” stool for the Workroom, I was cleaning up and I couldn’t help myself.  The black paint for the new bookshelf was sitting there… taunting me… daring me… seriously, it was!  The wax was still out, the brush was still out… how could I not?

I grabbed the black paint, mixed it in some wax and went back over the stool to get the antiqued look I’d wanted.

I’m not sure you’ll be able to see a big difference, but I’m SO much happier.

Tinted Wax |

I was able to tone down the “bondo-esque” look by adding a darker worn finish to the seat.

I actually learned that when using a darker wax, the Annie Sloan Stockists recommend that you apply a clear wax first and then add a second darker wax for antiquing.

Gotta love a happy accident.

And as an added bonus, I was able to try out a different technique on cleaning my wax brush and got much better results.  I’ve read so many ways to clean the brush: use mineral spirits, soak the brush in vegetable oil, don’t soak the brush in vegetable oil, use soap, no soap… I figured whatever I did, I just needed to go for it.  A little bit of vegetable oil followed, by a whole lotta Dawn and rinsing and my brush is as good as new.

So here’s to working at something until it’s where you want it instead of having this nagging, pseudo-finished project saying “hey” every time you walk into the room.  It’s not weird that these things are talking to me, right?


  1. Stacey@agoodehouse says:

    Not weird it all. I even talk back and it looks like you do too! Another cool look. So many possibilities. The vegetable oil and soap thing was a new idea to me. I’ll have to try that. THANKS!

    • Storypiece says:

      Yay for kindred spirits!!

      If you try cleaning the brush (this probably goes without saying), but don’t forget to rinse the oil and soap out of the brush. My instructions weren’t super specific, but it’s kind of an important step. Otherwise you’ll be left with a greasy, bubbly brush and yelling at it, “what is wrong with you?!” It won’t be pretty and your brush will develop self-esteem issues.

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