Storage Solutions: What’s in Your Closet?

This past weekend we started reloading our daughter’s room and designing storage solutions for the space.  I have a ton to share over a few posts, so let’s get started.

First on the agenda was reinstalling Tessa’s closet shelving and doors.  As much as I liked the openness of having the dresser in the closet, I can’t get over how much space reassembling the closet created.  I know… a functioning closet equals tons of storage… who knew?!

Here’s the “Before”:

The guys moved the dresser out and the shelving tower was anchored in.

I noticed that the old closet rods had off white holders.

Just as I was thinking, “Should I paint those?” this happened:

Tyson accidentally cracked the top holder and the decision was made for me… new closet rod holders it is.  Yay!  The old ones would’ve seriously bugged me every time I opened the closet.

Once the new holders were in, Tyson rehung the doors.  This is like maneuvering a life size puzzle.

But when they’re in, they look… well… just like their suppose to.  I like it!

Then it was time to load it up.

First things, first.  Since we got rid of Tessa’s dresser, we needed a solution for those things that couldn’t be hung up… namely socks, underthings and pajamas.  For these, I was able to find collapsable boxes at Target in their dollar section.  They were $2.50 each… Can you believe it?!  And they are the perfect color.

I grabbed these in the same section.  They are exactly what we needed and the right price.

The rest I reused from before.  I picked up the purple and black damask box at Target a few seasons ago and I’m still kicking myself for only getting one.

I am so thankful for the purple paint we picked.  Everything I’ve found has worked with it perfectly.  I’ve also found containers in grey that compliment the bedding, but I am under strict orders: no grey.

The “After”:

Although we just restored our closet to it’s original function, I still love the idea of thinking outside the box and utilizing the space in a unique way.  So… what’s in your closet?  Have you come up with some creative storage solutions for a closet in your home?  Feel free to share your not so dirty laundry here.

PS. I’ll be linking this post up to the very fun blog “Organize & Decorate Everything”  There are tons of great tips there, so definitely check her out.


  1. Stacey says:

    That rod holder would have driven me crazy too, Danielle. But you know I’m a little nuts anyway. That happened for a reason and you know it! HA HA!
    This is one gorgeous closet! Seriously…. it belongs on the cover of some “get organized” magazine. It’s perfect. Love the purple storage boxes agains the crisp white shelves. I’m sure Tessa is tickled “pin…. “purple”! Great job.

    • Storypiece says:

      Yay for being Twitchy! We should get shirts made. 🙂

      Those stupid holders took trips to three different stores before we found ones that would work. Of course, they no longer make the ones we had. Who knew there were so many different ways to make a closet rod holder? I am glad it broke though… I would’ve been in the dog house if we would’ve had to drive all over town just to change out cream colored holders.

      And thanks for your kind words… Tess is definitely tickled purple. She is loving the space so much!

  2. Emma says:

    It looks great! I love the purple and the storage bins. I also love the line “this happened.” Ha- love perfect accidents!

    • Storypiece says:

      Oh my goodness… I think we have a “this happened” on every project!

      Thanks for stopping by, Emma. Seriously, love our Chevron paint chip art. It’s a really creative take on a fun trend!

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