Dog Days of Summer

We are in the midst of our Oregon Summer.  The other night my son artfully said “Between late spring and early fall there’s two weeks of summer in Portland.”  He’s absolutely right. It has (for the most part) stopped raining and we are getting (for the most part) sunshine! School starts in six weeks and the kid gets his braces off in five.  It’s an exciting time with fall (my favorite season) just around the corner!

And as we slide into the last month of the summer, it’s time for a new Instagram Challenge.  For whatever reason, I spent most of July playing catch-up on every challenge. However, I managed to hit each one and finish with some fun photos.  Awww…. my procrastinating and perfectionistic brain at odds once again!

I also had a few favorites that weren’t a part of the challenge, but I still really love.

Tess snuggled up in my vest, exhausted after a sleepover.

Evan listening to music on a summer evening.

My man.

If you’re on Instagram, let me know.  I always enjoy seeing the beauty and perspective that my Instagram friends share from their everyday life.  And if you want to play along with the August Photo-A-Day Challenge check out the list by Chantelle at FatMumSlim.

With seven months of Instagram photos behind me, I’m starting to think about what to do with all of them.  They are interesting and random and a fun snapshot of our story.  Any ideas…. A photo book? A piece of art?  I’d love to hear your suggestions.


  1. Stacey says:

    Loved them! I didn’t do July but I just printed out August… I’m going to keep trying each month until I can do this. I’m becoming an instagram loser and I really wanted to have more fun with this dang phone. Fingers crossed that they turn out as good as yours always do! Love the hat!!

    • Storypiece says:

      Thanks! I love photography and have always been the crazy lady taking photos… so Instagram rocks my world. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for August. The first one was already really pretty.

  2. Victoria Elizabeth Barnes says:

    Somehow? I have not caught the Instagram bug… I’m not sure how that’s possible, seeing as how whenever I see other people’s photos I really love the results.

    A photo book would be nice… I gave one as a gift last Christmas, and it was really fun. I realized how I never look at actual, print versions of photos anymore… and? It IS different. It also made me realize that it’s been years since I had any photos printed and framed… and that all my new favorites just sit in a file on my computer. At some point I want go through them and make a coffee-table size book out of them.

    • Storypiece says:

      You are so right!! I think I change out my framed photos less now that I don’t get a roll developed all the time. Hmmm… I’ll have to rethink that a bit more.

      Instagram is one of my favorite Social Mediums. You are truly sharing what’s going on in your life and the challenges get me to pause and take a look around my world. I’ve done a couple of photo books and I love them! Doing one of all Instagram photos could be really fun. Thanks!

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