Drapery Goodness

Confession time.

I can’t believe I’m going to tell you this… and this is coming from the girl that shared how we got hit with lice earlier this summer.  It’s just so trashy… I can’t even believe it.

So… this is what the window treatment looked like in my daughters room for the last THREE YEARS!

Fancy, right?  It’s so bad, I couldn’t even bear to show this photo in my planning post for the room.

The window didn’t always look like this.  Once I made pretty drapery panels that hung on a decorative rod.

And then I got this grand idea that I was going to turn the panels into a roman shade. They needed to be lined because the room gets so much sun this time of year.  A roman shade would be a lovely solution.

I got everything measured and lined, but then I got stuck.  Maybe it was procrastination. Maybe it was fear.  I’ve never done a roman shade.  What if I screwed it up?  Because whatever I messed up would be SO much worse than this, right?

Fear is stupid and irrational like that.

Did I mention it was hanging up there with thumb tacks?  THUMB TACKS!!  Anything I would’ve done would’ve been a serious upgrade from thumb tacks.

Good grief!

Needless to say, with the planning of this room, I was personally excited to be getting rid of my own unfinished business.

For the new window treatment, I was really interested in pulling in more gray.  I thought a graphic print could be fun too.  I had seen these options at West Elm and Ballard Designs, but they were out of my price range.

The kids and I decided to check out Ikea to see what we could find.  As a side note… Ikea has the best, most affordable drapery options.  (Why am I only now discovering this?!) And coincidentally, we ended up being there on our stores anniversary day sale, scoring us bigger discounts.  I was able to buy hardware and four panels for about $70.

I originally picked up Sanela velvet panels in gray that are gorgeous! But once they were hung, they were too dark for the room.  Of course, I didn’t take any photos of them and I can’t find them online.  You’ll just have to trust me… they are rich and dramatic and I highly recommend them.

So back we went.  On a Saturday.  My husband is a saint.  We bought these beautiful Anita panels in white.  The light color works so much better in the space.

Tessa’s favorite is having them pulled back with the Renate sheers that she picked out hanging down.

She also added these sweet decorative rod caps.

I love the gather at the top.  It has such a pretty and feminine look.

The new panels are a huge improvement… which I know isn’t saying much.  But I’m so happy to have the window finished the way it’s suppose to.  And the white and purple look so elegant together.

Through this process, I am struck again by how much having this blog keeps me accountable and focused in getting things done.  So… thank you.  Because of you, our home is becoming a better place and I am having to face those projects that are LONG overdue.

So let’s hear it…  Are you as trashy as I am?  Do you have a project in your home that you are completely embarrassed that you haven’t taken care of?  What’s holding you back from finishing that “to-do”?

Oh… and in case you were concerned that I might abandon my trashy ways… no worries.  Remember my decorating helpers?

They decided to add their own personal touch to the new window.

New ventilation.  They’re such givers.  Now we have a window on the third floor that needs to be re-screened.  Hopefully this project won’t take three years.


  1. Alex @ northofseven says:

    You just wait til I post about the epic fail that are our bedroom curtains. It’s so bad they break every common sense rule of How not to hang curtains! We were just at IKEA today. You think I’d have remembered to measure our window to get new curtains. No. Instead I got something else. I’ll post about that b/c I’ll probably need your help on a project down the line. Love the new ones! The texture is so nice!

    • Storypiece says:

      I can’t wait… misery loves company! 🙂 Plus I’m a rule breaker, even when they’re common sense ones. Tyson normally does all the hanging of stuff, but since he was up against a deadline, I got to give it a go. Thankfully they came out pretty straight.

      Looking forward to seeing what you picked up at Ikea today. That place is addictive!!

  2. Victoria Elizabeth Barnes says:

    I WISH that were my photo of shame. Truly.

    I’m so with you about ikea drapes. I couldn’t even have bought just fabric to make my own for any less. And I was surprised by the selection. The only drawback is that I find the store itself to be completely draining. By the time I leave, I’m exhausted and have lost track of what day it is. By the time I get home I feel like I need to recuperate from some mountain trek…

    • Storypiece says:

      I get the EXACT same way every time I go to Ikea. So much good stuff everywhere you look; it’s sensory overload. And ours is about 45 minutes away. Not far, but you’re not just popping in. I was really trying to make the gray velvet curtains work just so I wouldn’t have to go back. We did the exchange in 30 minutes, but there was a toddler screaming in the store THE. ENTIRE. TIME. I needed a nap when we got home. 🙂

  3. Stacey says:

    Love how it come together with the two different panels. So pretty for Tessa!
    Honestly I hate curtains! I hate them because what I want doesn’t exist. Ha Ha.
    I want curtains that let light in but provide privacy. I want curtains that aren’t heavy but aren’t whispy. I want curtains that slide up or down or side to side… or that will just disappear when I wave my hands. Do they make that kind at Ikea? Of course they have to look perfectly tailored and always pressed.. yet I want them to be casual and crinkled like I just don’t care. So you see… (clearly I need professional help!) But you hung these like a magic window curtain fairy with the wave of a curtain rod and made them look perfect. DANG!

    Now on to the screen repair. OMG, your babies are so sweet. Those faces would get away with MURDER at my house!

    P.S. I have so many shameful photos that I’m just ….. ASHAMED!

    • Storypiece says:

      Wow… you know how to design curtains!! I’ll take a set for every window in our house. Oh… and don’t forget to add washable and dog proof to the list because my guys like to look out the window and they don’t really care if they get dog boogers on them. Yes, these fur balls get away with murder. They are worse than the kids… and just as expensive. Ha!

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