My IKEA Wish List

Last week, I went to IKEA to pick-up the wooden KNUFF organizers that I mentioned here. When I went, I promised myself I was only going for the one item.  Get in, get out.  I know how foolish that sounds to some of you, but I promise, I had good intentions.  However, much like Target, IKEA has a way of sucking you in and you slowly find yourself wandering the aisles wondering if you need another pair of Swedish salad tongs.

So I started taking note of things that caught my eye to share with you here.  A couple of items I purchased, but most of them are now on my IKEA Wish List.

Heart Shaped Ice Tray

IKEA Ice Tray

My friend, Alex at Northstory does amazing things with shaped ice trays.  Where I think “just add water”, she sees the possibilities of so much more.  You can see some of her fun ideas here and here.  For .99 cents, I knew it was time to take a page from Alex’s playbook pick up this little heart ice tray.

Cute Daisies

IKEA Daisies

I mentioned in my Mother’s Day post that I love the simple elegance of daisies.  I even keep some permanently in my workroom.  However, these guys are the perfect size for a small vase and at $1.49, they make an easy home accent.

Springform Pan

IKEA Springform Pan

This is one of the items I truly regret not getting.  This springform pan has heart shape embellishments on the bottom and it has an insert to easily convert it into a bundt pan style.  2 for 1 and all my future Picaken problems would be solved.

Plants & Lace Pots

IKEA Plants

IKEA Lace Trimmed Plant Pot

I passed these up the first time I saw them in the store, but when I hit the second display, I knew they would come home with me.  There’s something about the lace like trim and the playful little leaves that I love. I’m not sure where in our home this set will end up, but everywhere I place it, it just makes me smile.

Bedspread & Cushion Covers

IKEA Alina Bedspread and Cushion Covers

I love grey and red together so when I came across a display of this red bedspread set next to the same set in grey, they immediately caught my eye.  If we were in the market to replace our summer coverlet in our Master Bedroom, I think this would be the perfect option.  It’s understated by being just one color, but the decorative stitching keeps it from being boring.

Akerkulla Fabric

IKEA Akerkulla Fabric

If I hadn’t already done Tessa’s desk chair in IKEA’s Janette fabric, Akerkulla would be my fabric of choice.  I really like the playfulness of the pattern and the simple grey color allows the pattern to be the star of the show.

Leather Chair

YSTAD Leather Chair

I SO wanted this YSTAD chair to come home with me.  It would be perfect for the family room.  Not too big, not too small, just right!  It was in their “As Is” section and marked down to $450.00.  Someone in Portland has a great new chair.

Mini Globe Lights

IKEA Mini Globe Lights

This little impulse buy has left my family asking “what’s up with that?”  I thought they’d be cute out on the patio table when we BBQ this summer.  I picked up the aqua colored ones and they look like little eggs (or aliens… I can’t decide) next to our owl candle holder.

Have you had any success during a recent trip to IKEA?  Do you get sucked in by the wonders of their store?  See anything here that you would add to your IKEA wish list? Let me know which are your favorites or something that you might already own.

The Fine Print:  This is NOT a sponsored post.  I’m just a girl sharing her infatuation with swedish home furnishings.


    • Danielle says:

      There are more fun then they probably need to be. I need to go back to get some in white because I’ve noticed that one little light has wandered off to the Purple Palace. 🙂

    • Danielle says:

      Of course, it’s not sad… we’re girls! We like things that light up and are sparkly. If it’s shiny we are compelled to purchase it. It’s pretty much in our DNA. I thought the same thing about the batteries. They are going to be completely useless when the battery runs out because you know new batteries are going to cost more than the lights themselves.

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