You Light Up My Life

It’s true!  You all really, really do light up my life.

And because of that, I’ll spare you the video footage of me belting out this Debby Boone classic… even if I do know all the words.  It’s just that there’s a long running joke in our home that it’s important to “pick a key” when singing.  My feelings would be hurt if it wasn’t so true.  But one of these days I’m taking voice lessons because my inner Christina Aguilera cannot be contained.

Anyhoo… where was I?  The real reason for this post… lighting and how you guys rock.

Now that the table is finished, I am on a hunt for new lamps.  And I’ve been searching the spectrum for them.  Marshall’s, Target, Lamps Plus… they are either incredibly expensive, out of stock or I can only find one lamp when I need two.  However, yesterday I made a last minute run to Home Goods and they did not disappoint.

Lamps From Home Goods |

I wasn’t sure if they would be too big for our new console so I decided to bring them home to see how they look.

Broyhill Lamps |

I LOOOOVE them so.  However, I do recognize that I may be losing my objectivity due to the pretty blue glass. Tyson thought they looked a little big.

Blue Glass Lamp |

So like any good blogger, I put them on Instagram and Twitter to get public opinion.

Instagram Lamps | Storypiece.netInstagram Living Room |

And thanks to all that weighed in, I received lots of feedback to consider.  The overall consensus is that they are gorgeous and yes they are big, but once the wall is filled in with art or whatever we are hanging there, it will look balanced.

This got me thinking about styling an area with lamps and art.  I’m curious what you think.

Mixing Lamps – When lamps are on the same buffet or table do you think they should match?

Lamps Plus |

When I was having a hard time finding two lamps within my budget, I was considering this option. I think my first thought is they should match, but I really like the possibility of them being different.

Lamp Height/Shape – Do you find that you have a favorite style?

Teal Gourd Lamp | Storypiece.netLeather Table Lamp | Storypiece.netKenroy Claiborne Lamp |

I suppose that it depends on the space, but through this process I’ve found I’m drawn toward longer, leaner lamps.  I like gourd shaped or a boxed style, but I swoon over a taller lamp.  Who knew?!

Art Spacing – Do you hang your art between or behind your lighting?

Paloma Large SideboardTivoli Console Table

My original intent was to hang the art behind the lamps.  If I keep the blue glass ones, I’ll need to hang the art between them.  That’s not a bad thing, it’s just different than I had planned.

Deciding On Lighting |

All of these points are a matter of personal preference and things I hadn’t considered before.  What about you?  Does an item from this list stand out to you as something that you feel very strongly about?  Is there something that I’m not considering?  Have you faced a similar design dilemma before?  How did you resolve it?

**This is not a sponsored post.  However, all sources are linked within the photos.  Feel free to click on an image for more information about the product shown.**


  1. Gilit @ Shoes Off Please says:

    I. Love. Them.
    I love the pretty blue glass and it refreshes and lightens your space. As for keeping them the same height or different, either way could work it depends on your style and what you do with the rest of it!
    I also think you can still hang art behind it like in that photo example you use of mixing lamps. What I’m trying to get at here is that it looks great and I think you can’t go wrong with how you finish the space- good luck!

    • Danielle says:

      Thanks, Gilit. You are so sweet! I’m having so much fun figuring it all out and I can’t wait to get to the final result. I also like to read the last page of a new book… which probably says a lot about my level of patience when it comes to know how something is going to turn out. 🙂 Ha!

  2. the home tome says:

    Nice! I like how the color echoes the blue in that nearby throw pillow 🙂

    I’ve never thought about my lamp type – looking around here, they are all different – chunky, tall n skinny, and floor lamps. But I like the idea that you can read people by their lamps…kind of like people’s shoes speaking volumes…

    • Danielle says:

      Ha! I’ve never thought about lamps like that before… they are very much like shoes. They are the workhorses of a room, most people don’t have nearly enough and they are more fun when they are functional AND stylish. Love it!

  3. Alex @ northstory says:

    You can’t ask on Instagram!! Everything looks better and cooler by default with an Instagram filter. 😉 I like them and I am terrible at lamps, especially a matching set. I am the one lamp person. I do however love how the blue goes with the red colour theme that’s starting to emerge.

    • Danielle says:

      Bwhaha… that’s so true! Instagram was having problems when I posted it so it wasn’t feeding my photos into Twitter. I was hoping to get a discussion going on over there too. The lamps ended up going back to the store and Tyson mentioned wall sconces today. Gah… So many options!

      That blue is slowly creeping into my life everywhere and I kinda like it. 🙂

  4. Kristen @ Inspired Whims says:

    Danielle, I love the table and the lamps. They’re big but definitely not too big. The color is beautiful in the room, and I feel like the glass reflects the light around nicely. Can’t wait to see the art up with them!

    • Danielle says:

      Thanks! Even though I love them, we ended up having to take them back. I hate it when that happens, but I’m looking forward to finding something even more amazing! **fingers crossed**

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