The Twenty

Today, Tyson and I celebrate 20 years of marriage!

Happy 20th |

Seriously… twenty years together. How did that happen?!  Most days it feels like no time at all and then I look back and realize it’s already been a lifetime.

In honor of our special day, here are 20 random facts about us:

  1. Tyson and I were introduced by my best friend, Laurice. She went to high school with him which makes me look forward to their reunions more than he probably does.
  2. On the night we met, we were suppose to go dancing, but Tyson forgot his ID. This is a reoccurring thing in our marriage.
  3. Instead of dancing, we watched “Parenthood” at a friends house and I fell asleep. This is also a reoccurring thing in our marriage.
  4. Tyson never asked me to be his girlfriend; he only asked me to always be honest with him. That set a profound baseline for our relationship.
  5. There are days I’m confident Tyson wishes I was a little less honest with him. However, a deal is a deal.
  6. After only dating long distance for a month, he moved in with my family and me for two weeks while he looked for a job and a new place to live. Tyson shared a room with my brother.
  7. I’m thankful he didn’t turn out to be crazy… Or a slob.
  8. Even after all of that, I thought Tyson was “cool, but it wasn’t like I was going to marry him or anything”.  Famous last words.
  9. We had Chinese food on our first Valentine’s Day and have had Chinese food every Valentine’s Day since.  It’s our little tradition.
  10. My car was totaled by a hit and run driver while it was parked outside of his apartment.  I loved that car.
  11. Tyson still drives the same pick-up truck he drove when we met… in 1991. Everything about it is manual, but I’m grateful for it.
  12. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer a few days before Tyson proposed.  We had no idea when we told her we were engaged.
  13. A friend helped us set-up a budget before we got married and aside from adjusting for inflation, we still use it.  I’m sure it has helped us avoid countless arguments about money.
  14. We have been debt free for 5 years and do not own a credit card.  That hasn’t always been easy, but I’m sure that has also saved us countless arguments.
  15. My high school friend, Mario married his wife, Melody on the exact same day.  I hated that I missed his wedding, but now I love that we share this special day with friends.
  16. I’m a year older than Tyson.  He likes to marvel at how old that makes me.
  17. We never, ever use the bathroom with the door open.  It keeps the mystery alive.
  18. Our marriage isn’t perfect, but it works for us.  We fight and struggle like everyone else, we just choose not to invite everyone into the hard stuff.
  19. Tyson is the first person I want to share something with and the last person I want to talk to at night.  He had no clue that would mean that some nights I would yammer on and on.
  20. I can’t imagine what life would’ve been like with anyone else.  And I can’t wait to see what the next 20 has in store.

Happy 20th Anniversary, Tyson!  Thank you for sharing two decades with me.


  1. Christina says:

    Congratulations! You two definitely do not look old enough to be celebrating your 20th. 🙂

    What a sweet list. We also did #6, only I moved in with his family after 3 years of long-distance dating.

    • Danielle says:

      Thanks! It’s a freaky thing moving in with a family, isn’t it? Maybe not as freaky after 3 years, but going from long distance to under the same roof is quite a trip!

  2. Stacey says:

    Happy Anniversary to you both! Loved all the fun facts. Richie and I celebrated 23 yrs last Friday and it’s amazing how time flies. What is it about August weddings? I know Victoria celebrated too. It was a good month to get married and it seems it’s a lucky month for the marriage to last and last.

    • Danielle says:

      23?! How is that possible?? Congrats to you guys too. All the cool people get married in August. Then after a significant amount of time we become freaks about home renovation and start blogs. I think there was something in the marriage vows that our men unknowingly agreed to… probably in the for better or worse part. Cheers!

    • Danielle says:

      Have I told you that you are my favorite?! Keep saying things like that and you can hold the title for the next 20 years. Ha!

      Seriously, you are very sweet!!

    • Danielle says:

      HA! Thanks, my dear. I wanted to do something fun and since we can’t do anything nearly as cool as that video you posted, I was hoping this would do.

      Congrats again on 9. August Anniversaries Rule!

  3. ScrapAndSalvage says:

    twenty years?! how is that possible when you don’t look much older than that as it is!?!?!?
    CONGRATS, you two! such a cute couple. and i enjoyed reading your 20 facts. CELEBRAAATE!!! xoxoxox

  4. Gilit @ Shoes Off Please says:

    Congratulations! Everyone already said what I want to (you look like you’ve been alive as long as you’ve been married). I always say I bet Tuv wishes I wasn’t always quite this honest and open with him but if you say it worked for you for 20 years then that’s my ace in the hole for the next 15! Congrats again you two crazy kids!

    • Danielle says:

      Thank you! I have to say… the honesty thing has spilled over into how we raise our kiddos and we are blessed to have very honest relationships with them too. Again… sometimes it would be nice if it wasn’t quite so (brutally) honest, but I am hugely thankful that we went that route now that we have teenagers in the house.

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