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Happy December! I hope you all had a delicious Thanksgiving and that you’re ready for all the magic of the Christmas season.  I already feel so behind, but I recently had the joy of coming home from a long shift of holiday retail to find our place decorated by my family.

Let me tell you… Christmas decorating is so much fun when it’s done by someone else!

Holiday Decor |

I don’t know about you, but I’m eager to finish my holiday shopping.  So this week I want to highlight gift ideas for those still looking to check a few more presents off their list.   The first is an amazing company called Trades of Hope.

My girlfriend, Audrey, is a representative with Trades of Hope and this weekend some of my friends and I got together for a little in-home holiday shopping party.

Before I tell you about TOH, let me say up front that I am in no way being perked or compensated for what I’m about to share.   This is an awesome company and if you choose to purchase something from them, I get nothing but the sweet knowledge that we teamed up to help others.  I love that!

Princess Bracelet | Trades of Hope

So here’s the scoop: Trades of Hope helps artisans in difficult situations around the world get their craft to market.  Whether it’s outcasts with leprosy in India, women trying to feed their families in Uganda or ladies escaping sex trafficking here in the States, TOH builds awareness, allows you and I to buy incredible handcrafted items and gives these individuals the opportunity to become entrepreneurs.

Bounty Scarf | Trades of Hope

Also, each gift comes with a card that tells the story of why the item has been created and how it is bringing hope to the region.

Sona Earrings | Trades of Hope

Star Ornaments | Trades of Hope

Here are a few of my personal favorites:

Angel Ornaments

Christmas Angels |

These ornaments are etched from recycled tin by craftsmen in Haiti.

Paper Bead Jewelry

Wrap Bracelet | Trades of Hope

Recycled paper beads are painted and sealed to create this wrap bracelet from Uganda.

Nina Necklace

Nina Necklace | Trades of Hope

I am a sucker for seed beads, but the reason why this necklace from Mumbai is one of my absolute favorites is the gorgeous resin buckle clasp.

Being a blogger, I see a lot of crafty stuff.  I’ve made A LOT of crafty stuff.  Frankly, not all of it is great.  However, when I say that these items are made by artisans, I’m not just being eloquent.  Every piece I’ve seen has been beautifully crafted and feels well made.  I was thrilled to be able to purchase some wonderful pieces to give away this year.

Zulfa Cuff | Trades of Hope

If you are interested in placing an order or have questions, please feel free to contact Audrey or go directly to the Trades of Hope website.  Because it’s a busy time of year and these items are not mass-produced, if you see something you want, I would highly encourage you to order sooner than later.

So what’s on your shopping list?  Have you finished picking up all of your gifts?  Are you giving handmade this year?




  1. Stacey says:

    Lovely items! I’m a sucker for seed beads too. I’ve made a few necklaces with them and it’s so time consuming. That being said …. is the reason handmade one-of-a-kind items are really special. So much time, love and care put into them. And that buckle!…. be still my heart. Great gift ideas.

  2. kellycreason says:

    I bought a recycled paper bead wrap bracelet from a company who had a temporary booth at Costco. I never wear it (I’m not a jewelry wearer), but I was happy to buy it as, like you said, it was made by a woman in Uganda, and I felt I was helping in a small way.

    • Danielle says:

      You are so right… I’d rather buy something that helped someone rather than an item that is mass produced and insignificant. They other thing I love about this opportunity is that I know Audrey and I know that if she thought anything about this program wasn’t helping these artisans, she wouldn’t waste her time with it. It’s nice making a purchase being confident that the money WILL reach the people it was intended for.

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