Birthday Dessert

Birthday Dessert |

Last Sunday was my birthday and as far as birthdays go, this one was…. different.  The kids were gone all weekend at a church retreat which left Tyson and I to ourselves. Although we had a lovely stay-cation, it also drove home the reality that having the weeks AND weekends to ourselves is going to be our new normal very soon.  The kids got home on Sunday, but the day is always filled with so much activity that it didn’t feel very birthday-ish.

However, Tess wanted to bake me a cake, which I knew she would want to do.  If the girl’s first word was “purple“, her second word was “party”.  Birthdays are huge in her book and she can seriously pursue a career as a party planner because she lives to make people feel like their day is the most special day EVER.

And although her intentions were sweet, there just wasn’t enough time in the day to pull off the cake she had dreamt of making me.  The whole thing fell apart and so did my girl.

Cake Crumbs | Storypiece.netSo what do you do when life gives you cake crumbs?  You make this quick and easy dessert for the whole family.

Easy Dessert Ideas |

I started with these glass mugs that we have on hand.

Glass Mug | I then began adding layers.  First the cake…

Layer Cake |

… then pudding…

Add Pudding |

… and fruit.

Strawberry Layer Dessert | Storypiece.netRepeat.

Easy Birthday Dessert |

The best thing about this treat is that it’s an easy dessert for a crowd and it’s completely customizable.  When we started brainstorming what we might do with the cake, everyone chimed in with possible combos.  Pudding flavor suggestions were offered, some wanted fruit, some said “absolutely no fruit!”.  There are countless ways to go with this.

Best Strawberry Shortcake |

We will be having an Easter open house on Sunday where friends and family can drop by. This easy to make dessert bar will be on the menu for sure.  Everyone can create their own delicious combination from a variety of add-in’s that we’ll have on hand.

Easy Dessert for a Crowd |

Are birthday’s a big deal in your home? What have you done with a baking disaster?  Any flavor combinations you would want in these parfaits?


  1. Stacey says:

    First off — HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! You snuck that one right past us, didn’t you. Ha Ha!

    What a great idea for a less than perfect cake. (although… cake is good no matter what it’s condition, right?) I love the layering idea and I imagine the pudding makes it extra moist and delicious. Good recovery!

    And the GIF is fabulous. I love those! You’re obviously having such fun with your new camera and your photos are awesome, Danielle.

    Happy Easter to you, Tyson, and the kids. Enjoy your weekend! xo

    • Danielle says:

      Thank you! I am having a blast with the new camera and Tyson got me a tripod and extra camera goodies for my birthday which is making it even more fun. Hope you and Richie have a lovely Easter!

    • Danielle says:

      I was super impressed with myself too until I showed it to Tess and she said “Did you do, blah, blah, blah? We’ve been doing that in class… super fun, right?!” Apparently I need to start consulting with my kids more and struggling through online tutorials less.

      Happy Easter!

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