Easy Handmade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Great Mothers Day Gifts | Storypiece.netOne of my favorite gift giving ideas was inspired by my daughter, Tessa. Several years ago she had decided to buy her Dad a votive candleholder as a present for some special holiday. She also picked out several amazing smelling candles to complete the gift. The idea was perfect since Tyson spends a lot of time in his studio and keeping it an inviting space is important. Her Dad loved receiving the candle set and a tradition was born.

Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas | Storypiece.net

During various gift giving occasions throughout the year, Tessa enjoys going back to the same candle store and buying more candles for her Dad. When she was really little, she felt so grown-up to be able to go into the store and with a couple of dollars pick out a lot of fun scents that she knew her Dad would appreciate. Now that she is older and managing her own allowance, she is proud to be able to get her Dad a sweet treat without breaking the bank.

Candleholder Gift Set | Storypiece.netBut the candles aren’t the only gift that can have gift giving longevity. Tyson and the kids also came up with this Mother’s Day gift that I continue to adore year after year.

Easy Gifts for Mom | Storypiece.netStep 1: Buy decorative frames.

Decorative Frames | Storypiece.netTyson took the kids out to choose a set of frames for the art the would be making. They chose coordinating frames, but didn’t get identical ones.  Since the gifts would be coming from them, they got to make the call on style.

Step 2: Create Art.

Mother's Day Gift Artwork | Storypiece.net

Having a Dad who’s an illustrator, both Evan and Tess have grown up around art and are very familiar with creating it on a computer. Tyson ended up turning both of them loose to create their own digital masterpieces. He encouraged them to make anything they wanted and I love that what they came up with captures their personalities so perfectly!

The beauty of this gift is that you don’t have to understand illustration software to make it. Digital art is something my kids are into… it works for our family. But you know what works for yours. Are your kiddos fans of markers? Crayons? Watercolors? Whatever the medium, get the supplies out and let them play.

Once their artwork is made, pop it into the frame and you are set with a meaningful gift for your favorite mom.

Mothers Day Gifts from Kids | Storypiece.netSeriously… the year I opened this gift, I thought it was amazing!  Now that the kids are older, I treasure it even more.

Handmade Mothers Day Gift Ideas | Storypiece.netAnd like the candleholder, once the frames are purchased, new designs can be made for any occasion.  At Christmas time I’ve received winter inspired art.

Christmas Gift Artwork | Storypiece.net

These kids crack me up!

So tell me… Have you given a gift that you can continue to build on each gift-giving holiday? Do you frame your kiddos art in fancy frames? What are you planning for your favorite mom on Mother’s Day?

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