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If you’ve ever thought about starting your own blog, there are two cardinal rules to follow:

1) Be Consistent

2) Write about something you love and you’ll never run into writers block.

Well if you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you’ll quickly learn that if I am one thing… it’s consistently inconsistent.  But what you may not know is that I rarely run out of things to blog about.

Case in point, we just finished graduation season.  We had an amazing time celebrating my son’s accomplishments and I knew back in March all the things I wanted to share leading up to it.  Posts about prepping the guest room for out of town guests, meal planning around tons of activities, party invitation ideas, party décor ideas, party food ideas and of course, great grad gifts.

No… running out of ideas is not my problem.  Running out of time to write about all of the things in my head… that’s the problem.  Truth be told, sometimes you just need to put down the camera and close the laptop and GET THINGS DONE!

And so I come before you (after the fact) with an alternative ribbon tutorial that I used for graduation, but you can use for any occasion.

Short Story:  This idea actually came from the birth announcements we sent out when Evan was born.  It seemed only fitting to revisit it as our son reaches another life milestone.

Birth Announcement |


Grad Announcement Supplies |

  • A Variety of card stock
  • Pre-printed invite details
  • Adhesive
  • Mini hole-punch
  • Ribbon

1.)  Prep your invitations by precutting the paper and sticking down a fun patterned paper for the background.

Grad Invites | 2.)  Place your invite details down on the background and punch two holes through all three layers.

Event Details | Storypiece.netAdding Ribbon to Cards | Storypiece.net3.)  Now for the ribbon.  Cut 5” strips of ribbon and starting from the front, thread thru to the back.

Cut Ribbon | Storypiece.netThreading Ribbon | Storypiece.net4.)  Cross the ribbon tails on the back and thread thru to the front.

Bow Alternative |

Ribbon Loop |

5.) Trim ribbon edges for a finished look.

Trim Ribbon Edges |

6.) Alternative to tying a traditional bow complete!

Alternative Bow Ties | 7.)  Repeat.

How To Tie A Ribbon Bow |

This is one of my favorite card embellishments because you get a polished look that is hard to screw up… major win in my book!  The ribbon is a fun touch that lays flat on the card and is easy to get symmetrical.  Now if only getting all the other ideas out of my brain were this simple.

What is your card embellishment of choice?  Do you stick to a more traditional bow or something completely different?  How has the kick-off to your summer been?


    • Danielle says:

      Hi Cathy, I’m not sure where I picked it up… most likely Michael’s or JoAnn’s Craft Store. It’s called Graduation by Paper Pizazz and it doesn’t look like they are making it any more. I’ve done an online search and can’t seem to find it anywhere. Hopefully, you’ll have better luck at your local craft store.

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