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Best Toffee Cookies | Storypiece.netDuring my first year of blogging I shared a story and the recipe for a family favorite: The Best Toffee Cookies Ever!  I wrote up the story, snapped a few photos and proudly posted what would surely become a huge favorite for your family too.

You’re welcome.

Since that time, I’ve received questions and comments regarding these cookies that made me think it might be good to revisit the topic.  And since I’ve also learned a ton about photography in the last two years (and the original photos are extremely cringeworthy) I knew it was time for an update.

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With the holiday baking season upon us, let’s take a look at some of my tips and tricks for making The Best Toffee Cookies Ever!  You can find the original recipe and horrifying photos here.

Homemade Cookies | Storypiece.netUse a cookie scooper – If you don’t have a cookie scooper, they are a great and inexpensive investment.  Mine scoops about a tablespoon size of batter and allows this recipe to yield a little over 3 dozen cookies. They are consistent in size which makes the baked treats easier to stack and package if you are giving them as gifts.

Don’t over bake – When you first take the cookies out of the oven, they will be soft and look a little doughy.  DON’T put them back in to bake for a few more minutes. They will harden as they cool and if you over bake them, you will have some seriously crunchy cookies.

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Let them rest – Once your goodies come out of the oven, let them cool for a minute or two on the cookie sheet before removing them. This will allow them to set-up and get a little firmer which will make the transfer to your baking rack much easier.

Use multiple spatulas – I find that toffee builds up on the spatula making it more challenging to transfer the cookies. Use a second spatula to remove your third dozen and you will have an easier time getting them off the cookie sheet.

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Butter vs. Crisco – I always bake with butter, so when reader Staci asked how Crisco works with these cookies, I didn’t have a good answer. She graciously tested it out and came to the conclusion that butter is definitely the way to go with these treats.  Thank you, Staci!

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There you have it… inside tips for making The Best Toffee Cookies Ever!

What are your favorite treats to bake this time of year? Do you have a few tricks up your sleeve when it comes to making a family recipe? Have you had a chance to try out these delicious cookies with your friends and family?

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