Movie Night: White Christmas

White Christmas Party Ideas | Storypiece.netIf you’ve been around this blog for a while or simply know our family, it’s no secret that we have a deep love for holiday movies. It’s simply not Christmas without at least one viewing of some of our favorites. Truth be told, the other 11 months of the year, we aren’t big TV watchers. But this time of year you will find us gathered by the fire with some festive treats and a Christmas classic.

Tonight we will be kicking things off with a White Christmas movie night.

Of all the Old Hollywood films, White Christmas ranks near the top of my list. It’s sweet and funny and oh… the style! The glamour of the costumes and the incredible set design; it keeps me coming back year after year. I dream not only of a white Christmas, but of being able to sing like Rosemary Clooney, dance like Vera-Ellen and spending the holidays in a rustic resort.

Our family evening will be complete with making paper snowflakes.

Paper Snowflakes | Storypiece.netAnd of course there will be snow, Snow, SNOW-ball cookies.

Snowball Christmas Cookies | Storypiece.netAnd this year, inspired by the rustic Christmas decorations of a certain Vermont inn, I made a mini pallet sign for the snowy occasion.

Mini Christmas Pallet | Storypiece.netHere’s what you’ll need for your own super easy DIY sign:

Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids |

Rustic Christmas Decorating Ideas | Storypiece.netBegin by cutting your sticks to size and staining them. I thought that I would use popsicle sticks, but I found these craft sticks which are thinner and have a square edge.

Remember this is going to be rustic so I just cut the sticks with my husband’s tin snips and quickly wiped them down with the wood stain. This is so much faster than doing a life size board!

Mini Pallet Decor | Storypiece.netOnce your wood is dry, arrange your “planks” into a board and glue “support beams” on the back. No nail gun required.

Mini Rustic Ornament |

Now you’re ready for the fun part.

Let It Snow Sign | Storypiece.netAdd your favorite holiday saying or in our case, one that is perfect for our White Christmas décor. Again, this is rustic so just freehand it and have fun.

Rustic Christmas Tree Ornaments | Storypiece.netRustic Christmas Centerpieces | Storypiece.netI added mine to this potted plant to enjoy in the kitchen. However, the same concept could easily be converted for a holiday ornament or gift tags.

White Christmas Decorations |

What is your Christmas decorating style? Do you gravitate toward the glamorous or rustic? What holiday movie will you be watching first this season?

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