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Last week’s movie night didn’t go quite as planned. I had barely pushed “publish” on the post when my husband mentioned he was meeting up with a friend and wouldn’t be home for it. Then my son called to tell me that he had just finished his paper for English and in it argued why White Christmas is the WORST holiday movie EVER!

I don’t even know what to say.

Where do you begin with a statement like that about one of your seasonal favorites. Seriously… that’s a pretty tall statement considering there are A LOT of bad Christmas movies out there!


That’s just the reality of blogging, folks… people (even your family) surprise you and sometimes what you see on the screen doesn’t end up going down the way you might think.  But I refuse to let that derail this little series and this week’s movie night is sure to be a success. How could it not… we’ll be watching Elf.

Actually, since my own family night crashed and burned last week, I put together this little Elf inspired gift basket as a part of the #secretclever gift exchange. I shipped this off to Avry from Craft Yourself for her and her family to enjoy this season.

Best Gift Baskets | Storypiece.netThe basket included Birthday Cake flavored pancakes/waffle mix because you know if Buddy the Elf was buying pancake mix, THIS is the one he would get. I also included the biggest bottle of maple syrup. Mmmmm… syrup.

Movie Night: Elf | Storypiece.netIn addition to a few other treats, I included a custom made “Smiling’s My Favorite” mug.

Christmas Crafts Ideas | Storypiece.netThis mug was created using Sharpie oil based paint pens to help preserve the design through hand washing.

Supplies you will need to create your own mug:

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When working with oil based pens, there is less flexibility and room for error. I wanted to have my design well planned out before I began.

Sharpie Paint Pens |

I taped transfer paper to the mug and then over-layed my design.

Elf Crafts |

I was able to easily trace everything onto the mug before using the paint pens.

Christmas Crafts |

I then applied the oil based ink to my transferred design. This is the first time I’ve worked with these Sharpies and found them to be super easy to use.

Once the ink has dried, I recommend removing any lines that might be left behind from the transfer paper. I used a Q-tip and a little water so that I didn’t disturb the ink as much as possible.

Bake at 350 for 20 minutes to ensure that the design is set.  Let completely cool.

Elf Craft Ideas |

Enjoy with your favorite cocoa or warm winter drink.

Have you worked with oil based pens before? Has your family ever surprised you with how they REALLY feel about something you love? What’s the worst holiday movie you’ve ever seen?

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    Yeah! Just came over from Instagram after I saw your photo! I can’t wait to try this. I am glad you mentioned the oil based sharpies and the transfer! Thank you. Your mug is great!

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