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Last week while getting my haircut, I was chatting with my stylist about something or other when she suddenly stated, “Oh my goodness… why are you creating another project for yourself?!” And then we laughed and laughed because after 10+ years together, she should know the answer to that.

It’s what I do.

Case in point… when faced with a challenging gift to wrap, I will in fact come up with an even more complicated way to wrap it.

It’s what I do.

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Here’s what you’ll need for this unique gift wrap idea:

Unique Wrapping | Storypiece.net

Holiday Gift Wrap | Storypiece.netI started with these fun take out containers, because who doesn’t love a take-out container.  Then using the cute Washi Tape that I received from the #SecretClever gift exchange. (Thanks again, Carrie from Curly Crafty Mom! ) I began adding stripes to the container.

Washi Tape | Storypiece.netTip: Using a take out container can be a little tricky since it has a slightly angled shape. However, you can use the folds on the side of the carton to help you adjust and straighten the tape lines.

Holiday Wrapping | Storypiece.netWorking around the handle can be tricky. Apply one tape stripe just below the container handle.  Then fold the handle down before applying the last strip of tape and it will go on like a dream. This might go without saying, but at one point I found myself trying to weave the tape underneath the handle and it wasn’t going well.

I like to make things difficult.

Creative Gift Wrap | Storypiece.netNext cut half inch strips of your decorative paper for a contrasting strip.

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Tip: Use the side folds again to easily tuck your edges out of sight.

Best Gift Wrap | Storypiece.netOnce your container is tricked out, it’s time for the top.

Monogram Gift Wrap | Storypiece.net

Seal it with a monogrammed card.

Christmas Monogram | Storypiece.net

Layer your decorative paper and stamp with a fun letter in coordinating ink.

Update: adhere your card to only one of the top flaps and the gift can be easily opened without destroying the decorative packaging.

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Christmas is officially less than a week away!  My kid’s are home and the shopping is done.  I’m off for a marathon gift wrap session.

Gift Wrap Ideas | Storypiece.net

Are you ready? Is everything wrapped and under the tree? Do you make things more complicated and challenging than they really need to be?

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  1. Andee Zomerman says:

    This is so clever and I would never do it because I am too lazy. However, I can totally see buying these and having little kids decorate them for gifts outside the family. Love your ideas!

  2. kellycreason says:

    This is so cute! I agree with Andee. I am both too lazy and without the needed creative gene to do such wonderful work! But I ask you… does anyone want to UNwrap the gifts you give? I would be happy with just the pretty box if you wrapped it! 🙂

    • Danielle says:

      Thanks, Kelly. I didn’t mention it in the post, but I only taped the card to one side so that you can easily open the present without destroying the wrapping. And the bigger question is not does anyone WANT to unwrap my gifts, but CAN they? I am notorious for using more tape than necessary, making the opening sometimes challenging. 😉

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