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How to Personalize Shot Glasses |

The Mangelsdorf men are all about family, great music and good times. With Father’s Day around the corner, I thought it would be fun to honor these amazing guys by creating personalized, monogram shot glasses.

Monogrammed Shot Glasses Tutorial |

This craft is super simple to make and a nice gift for Father’s Day or the upcoming wedding season.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Etched Glass Supplies |

If you have a Cricuit or Silhouette machine you can create your own monogram template on vinyl. However, I used vinyl scrapbook lettering that I already had on hand.

Vinyl Lettering |

The vinyl letters are quick and easy to use.  Plus it was nice to use some of the supplies that have been slowly gathering dust from my scrapbooking days.

How to Customize Shot Glasses |

Cut out your lettering and carefully apply to your glass. You can use the letter or the negative space for two different designs.

How to Monogram Shot Glasses |

I tend to get messy so to protect the surrounding glass during rinsing, I applied additional masking tape to the edges.

Monogrammed Shot Glass Tutorial |

Follow the directions on the etching cream and please wear protective gear. This stuff is highly toxic and will burn if it gets on your skin.

Apply a heavy coat of etching cream, wait five minutes and then carefully rinse.

How to Monogram Glass with Etching Cream |

Tip: To get a darker etching, leave the cream on a little longer. From the Christmas ornaments that I etched, I learned that I wanted the contrast to be a little heavier so I actually waited 10 minutes on these shot glasses before removing the cream.

Once the glass is completely dry, peel off your template.

Custom Shot Glass |

I know not everyone enjoys hard alcohol or shots, but this design can carryover to any style of glassware.

Create Custom Shot Glasses |

One of my very favorite trends is using shot glasses for mini desserts; it’s such a fun alternative. How great would these be for a wedding or party filled with a tiny sweet treats instead of alcohol?!

Give Custom Shot Glasses for Father's Day |

Monogram Shot Glasses |

Let me hear from you: Have you done any glass etching? What do you have planned for the men in your life this Father’s Day? Would you use these glasses for shots, desserts or both?


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