Framed Vintage Seed Bags

How to Add Meaningful Pieces to Your Home |

Dear reader… These vintage seed bags have been on my list to write about for a while.

How to Frame Vintage Seed Bags |

Tyson’s sister sent them to us several years ago and I’ve been dying to turn them into pillows. I think everyone was a little afraid that I might actually destroy them, so popping one in a frame was a nice alternative.

Framed Vintage Seed Bags |

I had grand plans to tell you the story of how Tyson’s family is from Germany and how many of the Mangelsdorf Family immigrated to Missouri. I wanted to tell you how they were farmers and ultimately had their own seed company.

But as I began to take photos of this space, a different story emerged.  A story that is the epitome of why I started this blog.

Each piece in this space has a story to tell and you… yes YOU… are now a part of that story.

How Your Home Tells A Story |

You were there when we moved the red sofa into this room after buying the Sofa King.

Sofa Off Wall |

And you were there when we created the sofa table.

Mounted Sofa Table/Shelf |

And remember the blue glass lamps that I told you about here and that sadly had to be returned?

Lamps From Home Goods |

And then when I found these lamps and I wrote about them here? You were a part of that conversation too.

Trident Table Lamps |

As much as I still wish we had the shiny blue glass ones, I love that the lamps that we finally decided on have shades that play off the burlap from the seed bag.

Classic Farm Decor |

Some of the pieces are new to the blog, like these wire baskets that a friend surprised me with when I mentioned that I liked them during a day of shopping together.

How to Mix Old and New Decor Together |

But you might recognize the viewfinder in the background that I shared on Instagram.

The antique tractor seat that we hung to round out this vignette is new too. Tyson’s best childhood friend found, cleaned up and applied a custom glaze to it.

Custom Glazed Antique Tractor Seat |

I had originally hoped to turn it into a cool bar stool for the studio, but it makes for an interesting pairing with the seed bag.

How to Decorate with Antiques |

But if you’re a long time reader you may recognize the key and bird that I bought during a family trip and wrote about here.  I think they work perfectly on the decorative shelf.

How to Mix Old and New Decor Pieces |

There are so many memories here.

How to Tell the Story of Your Home |

Seriously… I can’t look at this wall and not think about YOU and the journey that we have been on. You’ve been a part of the evolution of this space and I’m so thankful for your input along the way.

When I began this blog, one of my kids came up with the tagline, “Every Home has a Story and this is Ours.” I thought it was pretty clever, but I had no idea the one day the “Ours” would include you!

Thank you for being a part of our story and here is to the next chapter.



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