Coastal Home Decor

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time or know me in real life, you know I love the beach.

Cannon Beach |

It’s definitely my happy place.

Cannon Beach |

We’ve been when it’s warm and sunny and we’ve been when it’s snowing on the Pacific Northwest coast. It was a treat to visit the Atlantic ocean last month and there are so many more I want to run along.

Beachy Decor |

Any beach is a good beach and it’s definitely where I feel the most spiritually connected.

Starfish |

So it would only make sense that this passion would creep into our home décor with coastal inspired design.

It started with some great photos taken by my sister-in-law during a family reunion on the Oregon Coast.

Her amazing work inspired our gallery wall.

Beach Inspired Gallery Wall |

Over time we’ve continued to add elements like this mantel tray filled with ocean themed potpourri. The display has continued to evolve as we add something new with each excursion to the beach.

Coastal Mantel |

Currently, the coastal design trend that I am most excited involves the majestic octopus. Although I would freak if one swam by me in the ocean, I love their organic style when I’m on dry land.

Coastal Home |

We added this one to our home a while ago and he continually gets moved around our family room. I love his whimsy!

So when I found this stylish fellow online last week, I knew it was time to add another sea creature to the mix.

Illustrated Octopus |

You can download and print this gorgeous design from The Painted Hive.

Beach Theme Artwork |

Coastal Decor |

And if an illustrated octopus isn’t your thing…. no worries. Kristine has 11 other ocean images to download as well.

Designer Octopus |

Where is the one place one earth that brings you the most joy? Are you into the octopus trend? How do you decorate in a theme without going overboard?

Way to end on a bad pun.




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