Sweet Succulent

Some days the simplest of projects can be the most rewarding. Time spent doing an easy creative craft can not only provide a little pick me up, but also help incorporate something new into your home.

That’s a win-win in my book.

Case in point: Tess recently brought home a sweet succulent that one of her campers had given her as a thank you for being such a fun youth leader this summer.  She has spent several weeks working with church camps all around the Portland Metro area and she has had an amazing time making new friends and sharing her faith with others. The hen and chick plant was a thoughtful gift from a young student that Tess truly appreciated.

Hen and Chicks Succulent Plants | Storypiece.net

However, being the plant killer that I am, I decided to quickly transplant it into something pretty instead of leaving it on my kitchen counter to wither and die.

Seriously… I’ve been known to do that so this idea was born in an effort to just keep the plant alive.

Simple Decorating with Succulents | Storypiece.net

Here’s what we started with:

Mason Jar Succulent | Storypiece.net

Because we are painting over glass, we added several thin layers, sponging the paint on to help minimize streaking.

Painted Mason Jar | Storypiece.net

Once the paint was dry, our little succulent was transplanted into the mason jar.

Transplanting Succulents | Storypiece.net

Crazy easy, I know!

But since my super power is over-thinking the simplest of ideas, I’m particularly proud that this plant has a new home.

Customize a pot with metallic paint | Storypiece.net

Although you can use any color paint for this craft, I chose the pearl white as I like the way it plays off of the metal jar lid.

I’m also pleased with the texture that we ended up with of the layered paint on the jar.

Creative decorating with Succulents | Storypiece.net

This particular plant is very hearty and once we are done enjoying it inside, it will easily transplant outside. That is if the plant killer doesn’t strike before then.

How to Paint Mason Jars | Storypiece.net

**This post contains affiliate links. Many of the supplies listed can be found at your local craft or fabric store, but the links have been provide for your convenience in recreating this project.**

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      I remember my grandparents having succulents on their porch and they were always my favorite. I love seeing them now in home decor. Thanks for stopping by!

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