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Happy Saturday! The kids are back in school, fall is in the air and it’s football season! If you follow Storypiece on Facebook (and you should… otherwise you’re totally missing out!) you know that I’ve been sharing all things football and tailgating this week. We aren’t really a football family, but my father-in-law and step-dad were huge football guys.

When I say huge… I mean H-U-G-E!

I’ve often said that you could miss Christmas or any other major holiday with my father-in-law, Frank, but Superbowl was a “must attend” event.

This is our first football season without him and we are feeling it. Tyson and I are embracing this national past time a little more… I guess as a way of staying connected to someone special that is no longer with us.

So this week on Facebook I shared the very best of football and tailgating ideas that I found around the web. As a side note, each week, I will be covering a new theme on my Facebook page, so be sure to hit the like button there to follow along with the best of the best each week.

But a shameless plug for the Storypiece Facebook page isn’t why I dropped in today. Instead I want to share how I’m adding a little more football in our fall décor with this DIY football tray.

Football Decor | Storypiece.net

When it comes to football décor, I definitely gravitate toward a more traditional, vintage look rather than going with my favorite team colors. For this tray, I kept it simple and rustic.

Sports Decor | Storypiece.net

Football Tray Supplies:

DIY Football Tray Supplies | Storypiece.net

I had the board sitting around the garage, so it’s what I used. You can cut your board to any dimension you like, but this one happened to be 11×28.

Stain your board. I thought I might try a lighter finish like “weathered oak”, but “dark walnut” is my go-to stain and I quickly switched after seeing that the oak wasn’t giving me the rich look I wanted.

Stained Board Serving Tray | Storypiece.net

Once dry, tape off the border and spray with black (chalk) paint. Chalk paint is what I had on hand, but you could use standard black paint or even green to give the tray a football field look.

Classic Football Decor | Storypiece.net

Tape off stripe and paint white.

Custom Football Decor | Storypiece.net

Peel tape and let thoroughly dry. Then comes the fun part… adding details before sealing.

Vintage Look Football Decor | Storypiece.net

My technique for transferring hand-lettering here.

One of my favorite things about this craft is that it’s completely customizable. I added “Kick Off” and “End Zone” (which you can download here), but you could do “Touchdown”, “Superbowl” or your team name.

Football Decorating Ideas | Storypiece.net

Because this will be a tray I’ll be serving on, I didn’t want the center to be too intricate.

Football Home Decor | Storypiece.net

I opted for a football play that I found online. I think yard lines or even white stripes would be great too.

Football Party Supplies| Storypiece.net

At the last minute I added handles to the ends. This is purely a decorative option.

Football Craft | Storypiece.net

Fall is my favorite time of year and I’m so glad it’s here. I’m looking forward to this piece being a part of football traditions.

Football Trays | Storypiece.net

Great Football Players | Storypiece.net

Tailgate Party Ideas | Storypiece.net

**This post contains affiliate links. Many of the supplies listed can be found at your local craft or fabric store, but the links have been provide for your convenience in recreating this project.**

Easy DIY Football Tray | Storypiece.net

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    • Danielle says:

      Hi Katie! I’m so glad you like it. I’d love to see your take on this idea. Shoot me an email or feel free to come back and leave a link in the comments.


  1. Chloe Crabtree says:

    This is so cute and so creative! I had to feature this over at Celebrate it Sunday, I hope you will come by and share something again this week! I have pinned this and will be sharing over at FB, Twitter and G+!

    • Danielle says:

      Oh my goodness… thank you for being so sweet and generous! I’m so glad that you like the tray and it means so much to me that you are sharing it with you readers. Looking forward to being involved in Celebrate it Sunday again!

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