Spooky Metallic Halloween Decor

One of my very favorite discoveries from my trip to Haven last summer was learning about Metallic Lustre paint. It was quite by accident (as most amazing discoveries are) when a new friend suggested I stop by the DecoArt booth and try out this fun paint.

What makes it so fun?

It’s like finger paints for grown-ups… if you finger paint with chocolate mousse.

Metallic Lustre Paint | Storypiece.net

Now before I give you all the details, I need you to know that this is not a sponsored post. I’m not getting paid to tell you about this paint or to review it.

It just makes me happy and I want to share that happy with you.

Copper Kettle Metallic Paint | Storypiece.net

Metallic Lustre is a water based, cream paint that you can apply with your fingers. 

Metallic Paint Application | Storypiece.net

It seriously feels like chocolate mousse. I may have even told a friend that it’s delicious to work with because of it’s fluffy dessert like texture. Just don’t eat it.

Once applied, wipe off any excess and wait a few minutes for it to dry.

Copper Halloween Skull | Storypiece.net

Then simply buff it with a cotton cloth and your work will have a gorgeous metallic sheen.

A sheen that isn’t easy to capture on film, but is eye catching in person.

Copper Halloween Decor | Storypiece.net

To incorporate a little metallic glam into my Halloween decor, I used DecoArt Metallic Lustre in Copper Kettle.

Faux Metal Halloween Sign | Storypiece.net

For this faux metallic sign, I also played with Silver Spark and Black Shimmer, but in the end the copper made the etched wood pop against the black chalkboard.

Wicked Halloween Sign | Storypiece.net

You can easily layer this paint on top of itself. After buffing firmly in various places, the black shimmer popped through giving the whole sign a bit of a weathered finish.

Metallic Halloween Decor | Storypiece.net

Heavy Metal Spider | Storypiece.net

Copper Halloween Decor | Storypiece.netThis paint is so easy to work with, I’m sure I’ll be using it more as the Christmas season gets underway. If you’ve used Metallic Lustre paint, I’m curious to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

**This post contains affiliate links. Many of the supplies listed can be found at your local craft or fabric store, but the links have been provide for your convenience in recreating this project.**

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