Discover a Halloween Gift that Teens will Love

As my kids have gotten older, Halloween has become a little tricky.

(Ok… that bad pun wasn’t intended, but it’s too good to not leave in.)

Anyhoo… as I was saying…

The kids still enjoy all of the elements that go in to making it a fun day… the costumes, the treats, and the time spent with friends. However, they are too old to go trick or treating and the day doesn’t hold all the fanfare that it once had.

Halloween Gift Ideas for Teens |

In fact this year, both of my kids will be working and not getting home until after most festivities end. Neither will be able to wear costumes and the holiday will be fairly unremarkable.

Both of them have great attitudes about their Halloween plans, but I wanted to do something a little special to celebrate the spooky occasion.

I stumbled on these super cute mason jar mugs at our local craft store and knew instantly that they would make for the perfect Halloween treat. 

Halloween Mason Jars |

Although I did not craft these myself, these quirky cuffs can be easily duplicated for any occasion with a little burlap, some googly eyes and Velcro.

Halloween Mason Jar Craft Idea |

Once washed, I filled the jars with treats for the kids to enjoy during their busy Halloween evening. I stuck to wrapped candy, because it’s most like what you get when you trick or treat. However, I think a great alternative would be to fill it with loose candy like m&m’s or candy corn.

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This simple gift idea is perfect for teens, friends, or co-workers… really anyone you want to give some Halloween cheer.

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Halloween Candy Mason Jars |

Discover a Halloween Gift that Teens will Love

How do you celebrate the holiday for those that are too old to trick or treat? Anyone else working this Halloween? Let me hear it… what is your “go to” candy to enjoy every this time of year?