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One of my girlfriends and I always laugh when we talk about starting a new project. What gets us is the part right before your start something new… it’s always the BEST part! It represents all of the possibilities and none of the road bumps.

It’s truly the most exciting! 

We giggle because we know ourselves all too well. We know that if we could start stuff and have it magically complete itself before we got bored or distracted by the next shiny new project, our lives would be complete.

Or at least our husbands would be less crazed by our “great ideas”.

All that to say, this holiday guide for the crafter on your list was the MOST FUN for me to write. It captures all the possibilities! My husband says, “But you’re giving someone a project for Christmas.” And I say, “I KNOW! Best gift EVER!”

Here are my recommendations for The Crafter you might be shopping for this season:

Silhouette Mint Stamp Kit



The creative people that designed the fabulous cutting machine have come up with a new product that allows you to make your own custom stamps.

Oh the things you could make with this machine!

Banner Punch Board


Banner Punch Board |

Speaking of cutting machines, the demo for this banner maker is mesmerizing to watch. You can cut triangles, you can cut chevrons, it hole punches, the blade swivels… I’ll take it!

Chalk Lettering

Complete Book of Chalk Lettering |

I’ve talked about my love for this book already here, so you know I had to include it in this holiday gift guide.

Washi Tape Crafts

Washi Tape Crafts |

The other book that I’ve recently received and I’m super excited about is Washi Tape Crafts. I’m continually surprised at the numerous things that can be made with this colorful tape.

Washi Tape

Washi Tape |

And if you’re going to get the Washi Crafts book, can I suggest additional tape to create a set? These are wrapped-up like sweet treats. Yummy!

Adult Coloring Book & Pencils

Adult Coloring Book |

I loved these books when I was a kid and thought they were so much more interesting than traditional coloring books. I’m so happy that they have become mainstream again.

Mr. Sketch Stix Scented Markers

Mr Sketch Markers |

Since we’re walking down memory lane, Mr. Sketch scented markers are still my favorite and perfect for coloring with.

Scented Hot Glue Sticks

Scented Glue Sticks |

Speaking of smelly things… Your crafter would be so surprised to find these in their stocking!

Cross-stitch Sampler Kit

Cross Stitch Sampler |

If you know someone who might be looking for a cross-stitch project that’s more involved than the monthly patterns I share here, this sampler is a super cute idea.

Star Wars Crochet Kit

Star Wars Crochet |

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know my daughter has recently learned to crochet. Seriously… she is incredible at it. We have crochet creatures popping up all over our home and I can’t wait until they are of the Star Wars variety.

Knitting Case

Knitting Case |

My little crafter may also find under the tree this case to help corale all of her yarn and crochet hooks and knitting needles and darning needles, and…

Holiday Gift Guide for The Crafter |

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  1. Trisha says:

    You have just spoken my craftiness truth! And once again I’m inspired … totally going to get the Star Wars crochet book. Thanks StoryPiece!

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