How to Create a Centerpiece with Items You Own

The title of this post is a bit deceiving, as you may not own any of the items in this centerpiece. However, it’s my hope that you can take what you find here and see what you do have that might be similar. The day before Thanksgiving is not the ideal time to take on a new craft project, but this centerpiece is super easy to pull off if you are needing something last minute for the holiday.

True Confessions: All fall I’ve wanted an oblong wood bowl for our dining table. I’ve seen some beautiful displays done with them and I love the rustic look of this piece. It perfectly captures the flavor of autumn and I’ve been holding out until I could find one on sale.

But sometimes a girl can only be so patient and I finally bit the bullet and bought one this weekend. Although it wasn’t an expensive “bullet”, I still like to score a deal when I can. However, just like a good wardrobe staple, sometimes you pay a little more for a piece that is super versatile and will work for several seasons.

This bowl is my Little Black Dress.

How to Create a Centerpiece with Items You Own

How to Create a Centerpiece with Items You Already Own

For filler I shopped my home for things that I already had on hand… Fake foliage, a scrap of burlap and a pumpkin that has been well enjoyed this season.

Fall Centerpiece Supplies |

Even if you don’t own these items, you can pick them up dirt cheap this time of year. If you’re out on Black Friday, keep your eyes open for fall decor deals. All of the foliage I purchased on clearance and they have been workhorses in my home.

Once you have everything gathered up, simply fill that bowl.

Add Height to Centerpiece |

Tip: I used a small box to give my pumpkin a little height and the whole piece more depth.

Add burlap and center your pumpkin.

Burlap & Pumpkin Centerpiece |

Then tuck in foliage around the pumpkin.

Fall Foliage Centerpiece |

Your centerpiece is set for the fall season.

Centerpiece for Fall |

At this point in the Thanksgiving week, I hope you are less about the stress and more about time with those closest to you. Personally, I’m looking forward to time off with my family and missing those that won’t be able to be with us this year.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece with Items You Own

And as I reflect on all that I’m thankful for, I want to take a moment to say “thank you” to YOU for stopping by this corner of the internet. I appreciate you for taking time out to read and comment and follow along on our creative journey. I hope that you continue to be inspired to craft, DIY and decorate in a way that tells your unique story. Thank you, thank you for being here.

Happy Thanksgiving!