14 Fun Advent Calendar Ideas

When my kids were small I found this super cute advent calendar and I was so excited to snatch it up. Advent calendars weren’t really a big tradition for us growing up and this one was so adorable I didn’t even realize it was missing from my life until I saw it.

Gleefully, I headed home with it in tow and visions of fun Christmas memories being made around this tiny set of drawers.

14 Brilliant Advent Calendar Ideas | Storypiece.net

But with most of my motherhood adventures, when I think I’m at my most brilliant…. things always seem to go terribly, terribly awry.

What could go wrong with an advent calendar?

Well for starters… you have to fill it.

14 Clever Advent Calendar Ideas | Storypiece.net

And for years I was perpetually stumped. Candy? A small toy? What to do?!! This was well before Pinterest and blogs were available and I had no ideas. The real problem wasn’t that there weren’t any good ideas… it was (as usual) I was overthinking it. My expectations were far to grand for anything that could possibly fit in these wee boxes.

Instead of a fun family tradition, this advent calendar seriously became the bane of my personal holiday existence.

14 Smart Advent Calendar Ideas | Storypiece.net

The good news is there are bloggers that are more clever than I ever was about advent calendars and they’ve got it dialed in. Advent calendars CAN be beautiful and so much fun.

14 Simple Advent Calendar Ideas | Storypiece.net

If you are looking to create an advent calendar or needing ideas on how to fill it, read on:

A Simple Advent Calendar with Activities by Creative with Kids

Advent Jar by Just A Girl Blog

Advent Chocolates by Northstory

Recycled Advent Calendar by Northstory

DIY Gift Box Calendar by Handmade in the Heartland

25 days of Christ by Handmade in the Heartland

Pocket Advent Calendar by Life with My Littles

Advent Tree Calendar by Linda’s Stampin Escape

Advent Pillow by I Heart Naptime

Christmas Carol Advent Calendar by The Crafting Chicks

Free printable advent calendar by The Lovely Drawer

Advent Calendar Bundle by Teacher by Trade, Mother by Nature

Printable Advent with watercolor art by The Handmade Home

And if you want to straight up buy one, I recommend Forest Friends Christmas House Advent Calendar

14 Advent Calendar Ideas | Storypiece.net

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