How to Personalize a Bar Stool

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I was recently contacted to try out the new Folk Art Home Décor Chalks and Waxes from Plaid. In my never-ending pursuit of high quality chalk paint (particularly in black) I was excited to try it out.

And I knew exactly the project to use it on.

Personalized Bar Stool |

When my son was in middle school he started playing trombone in the school band. He had a blast being in the brass section with all of his closest friends and he practiced hard to tryout and ultimately get in to the much coveted Jazz band.

His mom’s former marching band geek heart burst with pride.

To help him in his practice, we picked up a music stand at a garage sale and my 12 year old quickly monogrammed it with this really cool “E”.

Rosewood E |

Although Evan retired his trombone some time ago and the music stand has been passed on to another musician, I am revisiting this monogram for a Christmas present I have planned for my son. He needs a stool for his desk and I’m surprising him with a personalized one.

What you’ll need besides the stool:

Folk Art Home Decor Chalk Paint |

Folk Art Home Décor Chalk Paint – I used black, but FolkArt has a great color palette of 42 colors.

Folk Art Home Décor Wax – There are 3 waxes and a full set of brushes and tools to achieve just about any look you desire.

Tape to mask off design, brushes and a buffing cloth.

Tape off Design

Taped Design for Folk Art Home Decor Chalk Paint |

The font for this design is “Rosewood”. Cutting out this “E” was a little tricky and I have a new appreciation for my pre-teen kid pulling it off.

Get Painting

Painted Bar Stool |

This paint is fun and easy to use. It’s very forgiving and (my favorite part) it requires little or no surface preparation.

Be sure to stir the paint well before starting. The texture is quite thick, but applies smooth and evenly.

Wait 2 Hours in Between Coats

Chalk Paint Monogram Bar Stool |

I got great coverage with the first coat, but because this piece is going to get a lot of use, I added a second coat.


Folk Art Home Decor Wax |

Apply a thin layer of wax to project. and let dry overnight. Then buff surface to desired sheen.

Personalized Bar Stool |

Painting with Folk Art Home Decor Chalk Paint |

Monogram Bar Stool |


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3 Step Monogram Bar Stool |

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