Holiday Gift Guide – The Writer

Lately, the small talk question of the season has arrived.

Any guesses on what it is?

I’m sure you’ve been asked it…

“Are you done with your Christmas shopping yet?”

That’s right… you’ve got 10 shopping days left and inquiring minds want to know… are we in the same frantic shopping boat or am I giving you secret stink eye when you walk away? 

Awww… the spirit of the holidays!

I’m actually still finishing up my shopping, but I notice with each person I check off the list, I sing more and more Christmas carols. It’s loud and off key and includes a little boogie. (The lack of video proof is my gift to you.)

So it’s time to get serious about wrapping things up. I’ve got two more holiday gift guides for you before the big day arrives and this one is for “The Writer”.

Q&A A Day

Q&A Journal

This journal is filled with interesting writing prompts and can be shared back and forth between two people.

Woodland Creatures

Woodland Writing Creatures

These woodland pencils would be so cute poking out of the writer’s stocking.

Kate Spade Pens

Kate Spade Pens

Do all of your 2016 writing in style with these beautiful Kate Spade pens.

Pencil Brush

Pencil Broom

Never worry about making a mistake again with this pencil broom.

Hankie Pocketbook Set

Pocket Book

Have a notebook with you wherever you go with these “classy” little pocketbooks.

Punctuation Trays

Punctuation Tray

Perfect punctuation is easy to achieve with these trays.

Wax Seal Set

Wax Seal

The tradition of sealing a letter with wax is one of my favorites.

Literary Scarf

Literary Scarf

Get wrapped up in an amazing scarf that features the text pattern of an amazing book.

Pride & Prejudice Pillow

Pride & Prejudice Pillow

If you haven’t read this book in a while, I highly recommend it. The humor in it is timeless! Snuggle up with the book and this pillow for the perfect Sunday afternoon.

Words Cubed

Cubed Words

These are the building blocks to help you get in touch with your inner poet.



This game is a great source for busting through writers block.

Big Ideas Notepad

Big Ideas Notepad

The best notebook for brainstorming and story inspiration too.

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For even more ideas for the friends and family on your holiday shopping list, please check out my other gift guides:

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      Those pens are speaking my language… polka dots and stripes! I’m so close to being done and I should have it finished by the end of this week. Cheers!

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