How to Build a Custom Wine Bar

Last fall I shared with you the breakfront that we recently inherited and the special significance it holds for our family. This piece has a rich history and is so well crafted, it has been a great addition to our home.

Antique Breakfront |

Although we will never paint it, we do have a few projects planned for it. The first took place this past weekend.

When we brought the breakfront home, we had no idea that this top section was actually a cabinet. Because it’s such a beautiful piece for entertaining, we decided to turn the cabinet into a wine bar. We planned to add a wine glass rack up high and then use the lower area for wine and other liquor.

Custom Breakfront Cabinet |

As our planning got underway, we quickly learned why Frank had installed a small shelf to help with the functionality of this space. The cabinet is anything but standard size and nothing we found in store or online would fit.

This was going to be a custom job.

There are several wine glass racks on the market, but most are metal. I found that they typically measure 10″ in depth and since we would need a maximum depth of 9.75”, wood was our best option. We finally ordered this wood mount wine glass rack that is 11″ in depth and would require only a minimum of trimming. We could also control how wide across we would want to go which was an added bonus.

Wood Wine Glass Rack |

The next step required a board to fit the cabinet that we would use to mount the rack to. The top of the cabinet is several inches higher than the door and we needed a board that we could install be a bit lower than the breakfront top so that the glasses can clear the doorframe.

Once everything was cut, I stained the wood before assembling. I chose my favorite dark walnut stain so that it would compliment the existing woodwork and not standout when the cabinet door is open.

Wood Stain Glass Rack |

Tyson mounted the rack to the board and before securing, measured to make sure that our glasses would easily fit. 

Measure Wine Rack |

Assemble Wine Rack |

Once assembled, he screwed the entire custom rack to a ledge on the interior of the cabinet.

Installed Custom Wine Glass Rack |

Custom Breakfront Cabinet |

We are so thrilled with how this custom wine bar turned out. After working at a winery last year, I’ve learned to appreciate a nice glass with good food and family or friends.

Custom Wine Bar |

And for as much as my father-in-law enjoyed a great glass of wine, I think he would’ve been pleased with this custom wine bar.

Wine Glass Rack |

**This post contains affiliate links. Many of the supplies listed can be found at your local hardware store, but the links have been provide for your convenience in recreating this project.**