Easy Color Block Chopsticks for Valentine’s Day

When Tyson and I were dating, we celebrated our first Valentine’s Day over Chinese food. We were planning an evening with friends and someone had suggested a local popular restaurant. It was cheap (perfect for young college students) and convenient with takeout. We had only been together a few months and it seemed like as good an idea as any.

The following Valentine’s Day, we were planning our wedding over Chinese food and a tradition was born. I’ve learned over the years that going out on the 14th is always too crowded. We like to stay home and save date night for another time to enjoy. And as our family has grown, we’ve just added more to our Valentine’s Day table.

This February, inspired by our favorite Asian cuisine, I’m creating color block chopsticks for Valentine’s Day.

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How to Make Color Block Chopsticks

Here’s what you’ll need:

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The most challenging part of this craft was getting the adhesive off the chopsticks. A little glue remover and a good washing and you’re good to go.

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Add tape to chopsticks

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I went with a 3” color block area. Then I added 2 quarter inch stripes, one inch in.

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Tip: You can tape them off exactly the same or vary your color block pattern. I chose to do them all the same and then we can mix and match our chopsticks when using them.

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Paint your chopsticks.

Tip: If you use standard craft paint you will need to do 4 coats. If you are using chalk paint, 2 coats should do the trick. I wanted to use coral for this project and accidentally picked up standard craft paint. I also used chalk paint left over from this project.

Tip: Floral foam is perfect for holding your chopstick while it dries.

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Remove your tape and seal to protect. Hand washing is recommended in caring for your newly color blocked chopsticks.

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Final Tip: We only need 4 pairs of chopsticks for our family, but the pack I purchased came with 10. Paint them all and then put aside a set to give as a gift.

**cough, cough… Christmas is 11 months away… cough**

Color Block Chopsticks | Storypiece.net

What are your favorite Valentine’s Day traditions? Do you celebrate with a special meal on February 14th?

Learn how to make color block chopsticks for Valentine's Day.  Everyone has their own designated color with this easy craft.

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