A New Adventure

Welcome! Come on in, pour yourself a cup of your favorite beverage and grab a seat… have I got a story for you!

It’s been pretty quiet here on the blog, but that is generally a good indicator that something new is going on beyond my computer screen. And NEW is happening in a BIG way around here.

Last month before I left for SNAP! we sold our current home and bought a new one. And when I say “before” I mean, minutes before. I signed paperwork and within 24 hours flew off to Utah, leaving my family to get our home staged and ready for showing. By the time I returned from the conference, we had three offers on the table.

It has been a TOTAL whirlwind to say the least.

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We’ve been in our current home for over 15 years and it has been the place where we have raised our family. We’ve completely customized every room and it’s truly our ultimate Storypiece. There are so many stories and SO many memories.

Building with Dad | Storypiece.net

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Although I’m excited about where we are headed, to say goodbye, has been bittersweet. And there have been definite tears as I’ve processed letting go. This has been our family home and this physical move also represents a new shift as our kids get older and begin to move on to a life beyond our little nuclear family. It’s taking me some time to wrap my brain around the emotion of it all.

A Couple of Do It Yourselfers | Storypiece.net

However, the other members of my family are SO excited to embrace all the new-ness ahead. They are charging full steam ahead and not looking back.

They have hearts of stone.

So where exactly are we headed?

We are moving just a few miles away to Lake Oswego, Oregon. We found a townhome with a great layout for our current family, but it also has a ton of flexibility as the kids move out on their own.

New Home Story | Storypiece.net

I like to think of it as downsizing at it’s best!

Why the move and why now?

We have been discussing a move in the near future as our son is in his second year of college and our daughter has only one year left of high school. As I mentioned, our family dynamics are changing and we have been starting to dream about what we want this next stage of life to look like. Rather than mourn the empty nest that is coming, we want to embrace what’s next.

Living in Lake Oswego has been a long held dream for my husband. His Dad grew-up in Lake Oswego and his grandparents lived in this charming town while Tyson was growing up. Some of his best childhood memories were spending summers with his grandparents in Lake Oswego and getting to move here feels like coming home for him.

The other major factor in our deciding to move now was that we stumbled upon the perfect place for us in the heart of the downtown village. It’s literally within walking distance of everything… the Lake, downtown shopping, Farmer’s Market, amazing restaurants… we will be living in the middle of it all. This has been a major desire for us to be able to walk and live within our community more and we found it.

But what about Tessa’s Senior year?

While most kids would be upset to change schools in their Senior year of high school, Tess has been completely open to the idea. Her attitude has been that she is going to go to a new school in two years (when she starts college) so what’s the big deal if she starts it a year sooner. The girl is WAY more mature than I was at 16.

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However, her current school is allowing her to remain and finish with her classmates. She will also have the flexibility to begin taking some online college classes and get a jump on her higher education. As far as she is concerned, this move is the best thing ever.

Plus a new bedroom design is in order and she is even more excited about that!

What does this mean for Storypiece?

Honestly, I’m still figuring out the answer to this question. Many of the projects (ie. bathroom & kitchen remodels) that I had planned are being left behind in the move.

Kitchen Corner - Before | Storypiece

And that is INCREDIBLY freeing. Our new home has some opportunity for DIY projects, but much of it is in great shape. We will be painting a large portion of the space before moving in and then we will see what’s next after living here for a while.

Kitchen Update | Storypiece.net

Since last summer, I’ve been moving away from home remodeling and DIY projects as I knew that this new phase of life would eventually be coming. I just had no idea that it would get here so quickly. I will continue to share easy and simple craft designs, but there will also be more lifestyle ideas blended in too.

Custom Tote Bag | Storypiece.net

One thing that I do know is that you can expect things to be consistently inconsistent through the summer. I hope to stop in here at least once a week, but for more regular updates about the move and all the changes going on follow along on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Also I’ve recently joined SnapChat (username: storypiece) and my friends who send me regular snaps are literally saving me from the insanity of packing up our home.

Because when faced with dealing yet another box, who wouldn’t want to be distracted with random silliness?!


  1. Rebecca says:

    Wow, I can’t believe how quickly that happened! Your new home looks beautiful, and I’m sure it will have many wonderful stories to tell too.

    • Danielle says:

      You and me both! And I love that my new friends from SNAP! (like you) were a part of this unique moment in my life… in real life and not just across the computer screen. Hope that you can come up the 5 for a visit. Cheers!

  2. prettypracticalhome says:

    I’m excited for you and your family, and it sounds like the new home is in an ideal location. I would love to be able to walk to everything! Best of luck on the move and the new home looks lovely.

    • Danielle says:

      Thanks, Sharon! I’m already thinking new paint colors and I’m so inspired by your blog that I can’t wait to dive in. Plus getting to take a beautiful walk when I need a break will be fabulous too. 🙂

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