Dining Room Makeover – AFTER

Happy Friday! In addition to it being everyone’s favorite day of the week, I’ve got a good old fashioned room reveal to share. Pretty much the perfect way to kick-off the weekend, am I right?

If you didn’t catch the BEFORE to our recent Dining Room Makeover, you will want to start reading HERE.

Long story short… in addition to fresh paint, we said good-bye to our much loved dining table of 23 years. It was a bittersweet moment of letting go of a piece that we’ve spent decades doing life around in order to embrace something new.

Dining Room - Before | Storypiece.net

Once we cleared out the space and had the painting finished, it was time to do a little shopping.

So what did we end up with?

Dining Room Makeover After | Storypiece.net

Because this was an update that I’ve been wanting to undertake for some time, there were several factors that we took into consideration:

Variety is the Spice of Life

Tips to Design Your Own Dining Room Set | Storypiece.net

There are several dining room sets that you can buy where everything coordinates and matches. We opted to “design” our set from a variety of retailers for a more relaxed and eclectic feel. This avoids things being too “matchy-matchy” and you can easily change out a piece down the road when necessary.

Seating Configuration

Determining Dining Room Seating Configuration | Storypiece.net

Because of our open kitchen/dining room floor plan, I had a specific layout and style of seating in mind. I knew that I wanted a banquette against the wall facing out, large comfortable chairs on the ends and a bench with no back for the side of the table closest to the kitchen. This allows for the most flexible seating configurations when we have guests and still feel open and accommodating to everyday life.


How to Use Neutral Palettes in Your Home | Storypiece.net

Our new place is smaller and as much as I love bold color, I’m craving lighter colors that make our home feel bright and open. I chose neutral paint and textiles that I can add accessories to and mix-up the look throughout the seasons.


Dining Room - After | Storypiece.net

There are a lot of finishes to consider when selecting your dining room set and you want to keep in mind what will work best with your life style. We are past the small children phase of life so we could get away with some more delicate choices. However, we still have young visitors that pop in and we hope to have this set when we are grandparents, so high durability was still important to us. We opted for linen end chairs for adult seating and faux leather for the banquette and bench for easy wipe downs where younger guests might be sitting.

As evidenced with our last dining table, we are very tough on the surface. We decided to go with a more rustic, farm style table that could embrace all of the imperfections we are sure to give it.


Detailed Dining Room Seating Options | Storypiece.net

This is a personal preference, but I have MAD LOVE for furniture with nail head trim and/or and tufting. Our dining room seating has both! Who knew knockers would be the icing on this design cake?!

Dining Room Redesign | Storypiece.net

After wanting to update our dining room table for several years, this has been such a fun space to pull together. We would like to eventually replace the chandelier and possibly the rug, but for now I am so happy to have a new table to gather together with family and friends.

Top 5 Dining Room Ideas | Storypiece.netHave you ever designed a dining room? What would make your list of considerations for putting together a dining room? Are there specific furniture details that make your heart swoon?


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