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I’m not entirely sure why, but I have some serious love for state inspired art. Anything that is creatively done to represent your state and showcase it in your home gives me all the feels. One of my early DIY’s for this blog were these vintage Oregon tea towels (for my current home state) that I turned into throw pillows. Although the photo quality is not fabulous, the actual pillows were greatly enjoyed in our home.

I think my love affair comes from the fact that your home state is a part of your story. It can tell where you’ve come from, a chapter in your life, or be a road map on your life journey. 

Lately, I’ve been pinning a lot of state art and I knew that I wanted to incorporate it somehow into a birthday gift for my sister-in-law. I majorly scored when she married my brother and I like to try to create something special for her each year. For those that have been around a while, you may remember this messenger bag from a few years ago.

Since my brother and sister-in-law grew up on opposite coasts and met in the middle during college, I knew that I wanted to put together something that captured their story.

State Inspired Art | Storypiece.net

Here’s what you’ll need to craft your own state inspired art:

State Art Supplies | Storypiece.net

  • Map of the United States with State lines
  • Map of the United States without State lines
  • Frame
  • Scrapbook paper (3 colors/prints)
  • Board
  • Glue stick
  • Double sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Paper cutter
  • Hole punch in star and/or heart shapes
  • Small letter stamps
  • Ink pad
  • Pen

1. Print the Map of the United States WITHOUT State lines directly on to your scrapbook paper.

Printed Home State Art | Storypiece.net

Tip: If your paper is 12×12 like mine was, simply cut it down to 8.5×11 to fit into your printer.

2. Cut out the US map.

United States Art | Storypiece.net

I started with an Xacto knife, but found that using scissors allows you to have more curves and organic flow along the edges.

3. Tape a background sheet of scrapbook paper to your board and add cut out US.

US Map Art | Storypiece.net

Tip: A glue stick helps to get all the little edges.

4. Using the map of the US WITH the state lines, trace your home state onto an accent sheet of scrapbook paper. Then cut it out.

Home State inspired Art | Storypiece.net

5. Use small letter stamps for the word “Home”

United States Inspired Art | Storypiece.net

Tip: I found these stamps in the dollar section of our local craft store and they are so fun to have on hand for stamping small areas like this.

6. Adhere your home state to the US.

US Map Inspired Art | Storypiece.net

Tip: If you cut out a neighboring state, you can use it as a guide for perfect placement.

7. Embellish with hole punch stars for where you’re from and a hole punch heart for where you call home.

Home State Art | Storypiece.net

Map Art | Storypiece.net

I’m not always sure how a project is going to turn out when I begin. Often the ideas that I have a distinct plan for seem to…. fizzle. While other projects (like this one) begin with a vague idea and evolve into something I’m wildly excited about.

Map Inspired Art | Storypiece.net

State Art | Storypiece.net

Not only is this fun for a birthday, but it could make a cute wedding present or house warming gift.

State Inspired Art | Storypiece.net

Happy Birthday, to my awesome sister-in-law! You are the best!!

Who’s into state inspired art? Where do you call home? If you’ve moved around, how do you mark your journey?


  1. Gina says:

    I love, love, love…it!!!!
    It looks so good in my front room because the colors are perfect! What a totally awesome idea and a great way to visually tell part of our story.
    I am super blessed to have married into your family!!

    • Danielle says:

      YAY!! I’m so glad. I scrolled through my photos from my visit last year to try to pick paper that would compliment your home. It made me sad that I wasn’t traveling with Tess this year. I guess we just need to come visit again. 🙂

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