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Somewhere along the way in our 23 plus years of marriage, I adopted a phrase.

It’s one of those things that I started saying and now I can’t recall the starting point. It just feels like something I’ve ALWAYS said to my husband.

The phrase… “I love you more”.

Whenever Tyson tells me he loves me, I most often respond, “I love you more”.

It’s seriously one of those things that I don’t remember NOT saying to him. And I didn’t even think much about it until he found this frame and gave it to me for Valentine’s Day this year.

Love You More Frame | Storypiece.net

It was a completely unexpected find and it still makes me smile that he saw it and thought of me.

And now I see the phrase everywhere… on mugs and totes… and it makes me smile even more.

So I didn’t have to search far for a phrase when I decided to create a hand lettered pillow for our master bedroom.

Love You More Pillow | Storypiece.net

To make your own, you’ll need:

Hand Lettered Pillow Supplies | Storypiece.net

  • Linen
  • Printed fabric for the back
  • Pillow form
  • Cording
  • Fabric pen
  • Plus pencil and paper for sketching design and your sewing supplies

I began by sketching a few design ideas and once I knew I had a winner I drew it full size.

Hand Lettering for a Pillow | Storypiece.net

Because this is a phrase I personally say, I didn’t want it over stylized and kept it closer to my own handwriting. Creating a full size sketch gave me a feel for design scale and placement without having to try to trace it from the sketch.

Draw your design with a pencil onto the linen, then fill in with a fabric pen.

Hand Lettered Pillow Tutorial | Storypiece.net

TIP: Place a piece of cloth underneath your linen in case there is any bleed through from the fabric pen.

Once your design is complete, it’s time to sew your pillow.  Cut you linen and your backing fabric to the exact size of your pillow form.

Cutting Straight Fabric Edges | Storypiece.net

TIP: Use an Omnigrid and a rotary cutter to trim your fabric and achieve the most even edges.

Press your fabric and you are ready to get sewing.

Hand Lettered Pillow | Storypiece.net

Begin by stitching the cording onto your linen.

Pillow Sewing Tricks | Storypiece.net

I never pin my cording to the fabric before sewing a pillow. Instead use a piping foot and match the edge of the cording to your linen as your guide.

Piping Foot for Sewing | Storypiece.net

When you get to the corners, cut 2 slits in the edge of the piping to help it lie flat against the fabric.

Tricks for Sewing Pillows | Storypiece.net

Once the cording is sewn on, you can add the fabric backing by stitching with the prints facing each other. Be sure to leave an opening to turn once everything is sewn together.

Tricks for Sewing a Pillow | Storypiece.net

TIP: Cut the excess fabric from your corners before turning for a more professional finish.

Wrestle your pillow form into your new cover and whip stitch it closed.

How to Hand Letter a Pillow | Storypiece.net

I think there is something lovely and so personal about capturing a phrase that you say in your décor. It reflects the people that live in the space and makes a place feel more like home.

Hand Lettered Love You More Pillow | Storypiece.net

I’m slowly beginning to change out the decor in our master bedroom and this palette is the current inspiration. It’s definitely a work in process, but it feels very much like us.

Love You More Pillow | Storypiece.net

I’m curious… Let me know what phrase you would hand letter onto a pillow in the comments below.

**This post contains affiliate links. Many of the supplies listed can be found at your local craft or fabric store, but the links have been provide for your convenience in recreating this project.**



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