How to make a Mini Picaken

One of my very first food posts that I shared here on Storypiece was about the magical Picaken. You can read all about my misadventures and stunning baking abilities while making it HERE.

For those not familiar with this Frankenstein of a dessert, a Picaken is a pie baked inside of a cake. 

Picaken |

Of course. Because why should one ever have to decide between eating pie or cake for dessert when you can enjoy both in one tasty treat.

Although I’ve been met with a raised eyebrow or two, I’ve served picaken on several occasions and tested out a variety of flavor combinations. With each one, I’ve noticed that because the dessert is incredibly rich (it’s pie and cake after all)… a little goes a long way. In fact the very first one I made was served at a party with about 16 people. After everyone had a slice and I sent leftovers home with guests, I still had a solid third of the picaken leftover.

That’s a lot of pie and cake!

Slice of Picaken |

This has had me considering alternative ways to serve this amazing dessert and I’ve finally got a more manageable version. Today, I present… the mini-picaken!

Picaken Alternative |

You can modify your favorite pie and cake recipes to create this incredible dessert. Again, if you read my original picaken post, you know EXACTLY why I’m not a food blogger. Anything can and does happen when I’m in the kitchen. This post is designed to walk you through taking your recipes and putting together the perfect mini picaken.

Mini Cherry Pie Supplies |

I started with mini cherry pies… one of my favorites. However, I’ve done this dessert with other pie flavors that have been equally great.

Roll out your pie dough and using a cookie cutter, cut into small circles.

Baking Mini Cherry Pies |

Place into a mini muffin pan and add your favorite pie filling. Add a small amount of crust to the top and you are ready to bake. We baked our mini pies for about 20 minutes, but checked them every 5 minutes to ensure they didn’t overcook.

While you are waiting on your pies to cool, begin mixing up your cake batter.

Cupcake Ingredients |

Add cupcake liners to a standard muffin pan and place your pie inside.

Mini Cherry Pies |

Cover with your cake batter and pop in the oven.

Picaken Cupcakes |

Bake according to manufacturers recommendations for cupcakes.

Once cool, your mini-picakens are ready for a little frosting.

How to make a Mini Picaken |

Mini Picaken |

I’m thinking we need to up the filling for our pies with our next round of baking these. They were tasty, but I would recommend stuffing those mini-pies for maximum pie to cake ratio.

Picaken Alternative |

The mini-picaken is still decadent, but not nearly as rich as it’s full version counterpart. If you’re looking for a show stopping dessert this holiday season, the picaken will surely do the trick.

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