How to Make Easy DIY Cornhusk Wrapped Candles

One of my very favorite things about fall is all of the gorgeous colors that you are met with the minute you step out your front door. The beautiful golds, rich ambers and stunning cranberries are a feast for the eyes. And the streets of Portland are currently littered with these colors as the leaves change and fall to the ground.

During the autumn holidays, I instinctively decorate by bringing this colorful foliage into our home. It adds a certain warmth inside as the temperatures cool. However, this season I wanted to mix things up by incorporating something a little less colorful, but with an equally great autumn feel.

Enter cornhusk.

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If you are looking for more neutral elements for your autumn décor, adding cornhusk is perfect and still brings a bit of the outdoors in to your home.

To craft your own autumn cornhusk candles, here are the supplies you’ll need:

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Trim off the husk from the corn stalk.

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You can get cornhusk from a variety of places, but I picked up these at our grocery store. The colorful kernels are so pretty! After removing the husk, I kept the ears to tuck into my final centerpiece.

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Starting with the larger leaves, dip one at a time into the bowl of water and blot dry with your towel. This makes the husk more pliable as you work with it to add it to the candle holder.

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Apply a bit of hot glue to the votive and carefully add the cornhusk leaving about 2 inches of the leaf beyond the edge of the glass.

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Repeat around votive. Add a second and third layer until you have the fullness that you desire.

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I recommend at least 3 layers, but don’t worry if it’s not exact. The beauty of this craft is that it will end up irregular and rustic. No two candles will look the same just as no two ears of corn are the same.

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As you work, you can set the votive upside down which will help push the cornhusk out.

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Trim the husk on the bottom of the votive and glue down.

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Finish by wrapping the cornhusk candle with raffia and tie it in a knot.


As the leaves dry, gently push the husk out so they open around the glass more. You want the husk to be nice and open so that you can burn the candle without catching the dry husk on fire.

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Cornhusk is a beautiful fall element and I’ve enjoyed having these on our table all season.

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Even unlit, these candles add great fullness to our table décor.

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I don’t think I’ll ever abandon my passion for colorful fall décor, but cornhusk brings in a rich textured neutral and looks so pretty paired with pumpkins and gourds.

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