Pantone Color of the Year for 2017 – Greenery

Every year I look forward to Pantone’s announcement for their Color of the Year. It’s always fun to get a sneak peek at what will be trending in design and to take a moment to look back at how their recommendations have played out in home décor. For those that are interested, you can read my past thoughts on Pantone’s color for 2014 & their pick for 2015.

Although I get excited about ALL of the major color trend announcements from sources like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, Pantone’s pick is the one that has the most far-reaching insight. Their color choice is seen in fashion, in marketing and graphic design, and eventually influences what you will see in interior design.

If you’re wanting to be a little ahead of the trend curve to get the most bang for your design buck, watching what Pantone announces is important. We typically see home décor trends play out two to three years after fashion trends and emerald green (Pantone’s color for 2013) is definitely having its moment now in interior design.

Pantone Color of the Year for 2017 – Greenery


Over the last few months, this color has been catching my eye and I was pleasantly surprised that Pantone selected it for 2017. Greenery is fresh, elegant and super versatile. It’s extremely inviting and evokes feelings of new beginnings. Who isn’t ready for that after a toxic political year?

If you are thinking of adding Greenery into your home, here are some easy options to consider:

Natural Elements

Pantone's Color for 2017 - Greenery. How to add this color into your home.

Obviously Greenery is going to be most found in nature and adding plants to your home is a quick and simple solution. Succulents continue to be on trend and perfectly capture the color of Pantone’s Greenery better than other plant varieties.

Simple Decorating with Succulents |

And if you’re a natural plant killer like I am, succulents are very hearty. You can also opt for fake plants.

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Accent Pieces

Make a bigger color commitment by selecting accent pieces for your home in this cheery color.

Pantone's Color for 2017 - How to add this Greenery into your home.

Even if this retro chair isn’t quite your style, Pantone’s color of the year plays well with so many colors that it’s easy to sprinkle in.

Pantone's Color for 2017 - How to add this Greenery into your home.

We found this decorative oar last summer and added it to our front patio. Our intention was to paint the green, but I liked it so much paired with the blues that we haven’t altered it.

Paint an Entire Room

Really embrace this color and paint an entire room in Greenery. Speaking from personal experience, a room painted in this color is very warm and tranquil. The master bedroom in our last home was painted a muted version of Greenery for many years and it was always restful and inviting.

Pantone's Color for 2017 - How to add this Greenery into your home.

Color wise, we opted to change things up in our new home, but it’s definitely a color I’d revisit.

Not every color is right for every home, however, Greenery is an effortless color to mix into most spaces.

Pantone's Color for 2017 - How to add Greenery into your home.

Let me know in the comments below what you think of the Pantone color for 2017. Is it a color that you are excited about? Are you looking forward to this trend or staying as far away from it as possible?