Decorating in the Pacific Northwest with Grimm

Today’s Deconstructing Design comes with a bit of a story.  And like all good fairytales it’s a Grimm one.

Not too long ago, I was out to lunch with a girlfriend when she mentioned she was planning on attending a local estate sale for the television show, Grimm.

My ears immediately perked up!

Grimm is not a show that we’ve ever watched, but I was still very intrigued. Although I love that the show was set and filmed in our local city of Portland, Oregon, I’m not a fan of anything that is too dark and creepy. But as you know… I love set design, so I had to invite myself along.

Be careful what you invite yourself to.

As we pulled up to the venue, it began to pour. I mean BUCKETS!!

Living in Oregon I should’ve known better, but I was hugely under prepared for what was ahead.

6 hours of standing in line… in the cold and the rain.

This was us after a half hour.

Decorating in the Pacific Northwest with Grimm

After an hour and a half I was ready to call it quits.

Did I mention that my husband went along for the ride and that this kind of thing is his least favorite thing in the world to do?

I felt horrible asking him to spend a Saturday this way… and yet he was an amazing sport about it.

At hour two when I was about to walk away from the experience, the line community (that we had made while waiting) challenged my pride and asked how could I foolishly walk away with nothing after all the time I had invested?

Hour three we began discussing what it costs to hire someone to stand in line for you. Who knew it’s an actual job?!

The Girl Scout’s also came by peddling cookies to a captive audience. Smart girls!

Around hour four I was starting to wonder if life existed outside of the line. Would I ever be warm and dry again? WHAT IF WE DIDN’T GET IN??!

At hour five we could see the light at the end of the tunnel and everyone started getting giddy with excitement. There were high fives exchanged and neck craning to see what was still left inside the warehouse.

The whole thing was an adventure and it helped that we were with good friends that we could laugh with, share stories and cheer each other on.

In honor of this experience, let’s take a look at decorating in the Pacific Northwest and how Grimm nailed their set design.

Decorating in the Pacific Northwest with Grimm

After living in the Pacific Northwest for over 15 years I’ve discovered a distinct style here that is unlike anywhere else. It’s a beautiful blend of traditional and rustic decor that is so perfectly Portland. Old victorian homes with big chunky molding and classic furnishings are accented with easy, vintage accessories. White clean lines are met with rich earth tones. Craftsman homes are adorned with tufted sofas with aged hardware. It all works together for a distinct Pacific Northwest flavor.

And the set designers with Grimm were able to capture the essence of Portland and the Pacific Northwest in a way that feels authentic and true to the area.

Grimm Prop Sale – What Did We See?

Unfortunately, photography was prohibited once we got inside the warehouse. And to avoid any issues with the Grimm folks, I’ve included links to show photos to illustrate my point below.

Here’s what we saw:

Incredible Furniture

I’ve mentioned before that classic furnishings paired with more rustic accessories are a cornerstone of Pacific Northwest décor. At the Estate Sale, we saw some stunning traditional and antique pieces at killer prices. My favorite was this sofa, but sadly it wasn’t in the color I’m looking for.

We also spotted the Captain’s chair.

Handcrafted Artwork

The moment I saw this glass art piece, I knew it was something special. The Pacific Northwest is a hub for handcraft artisans and discovering new unique artwork for your home is a common occurrence.

Camping Equipment

Rustic elements aren’t just confined to home decor. We found vintage style camping equipment and while standing in line, we watched as someone walked out with this green cooler.

Traditional Architecture

By far, the one item I would’ve loved to have brought home is the Police Department Door. I really want a glass pantry door and would’ve proudly hung this in our kitchen. Alas, it is much larger than the standard size door we will need to hang.

Grimm Prop Sale – What Did We Bring Home?

After 6 hours in the cold and rain, you don’t go home empty handed. You have to have some kind of trophy for your experience. I knew I’d want to pick-up something, even if it was just a small trinket that could sit on our coffee table. It would already come with a cool story and so I was on the hunt for something truly unique.

Decorating in the Pacific Northwest with Grimm


Decorating in the Pacific Northwest with Grimm

I love architectural details and since we don’t have room for some of the amazing columns and doors they were selling, I snagged this decorative molding tile instead.

Wood Carved Rack

Decorating in the Pacific Northwest with Grimm

I’m not sure what I’ll use this for, but it was way too awesome to not bring home. This wood carved rack is perfect for a book, wine bottles or hand towels. Not only am I enamored with all the carved detailing, but the whole thing folds down for easy storage.

Decorating in the Pacific Northwest with Grimm

Decorating in the Pacific Northwest with Grimm

And I spotted this piece in a show screenshot. Wahoo! Can you find it in the background?

Movie Reel

Decorating in the Pacific Northwest with Grimm

It’s hard to choose, but this one might be my favorite… A metal movie reel. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was the perfect thing to take home from a television show estate sale. Plus, I can use it for my next Oscar party.

Decorating in the Pacific Northwest with Grimm

After several weeks, I’m still not sure if I’ve completely thawed and dried out, but I’m getting there. If you have the opportunity to attend an estate sale for a television or movie… even with a 6 hour wait… I highly recommend it.

Decorating in the Pacific Northwest with Grimm

Have you ever attended an estate sale? Are you a fan of the show, Grimm? What is the one thing you would’ve love to see? Share your not so grim thoughts in the comments below.