Kitchen Drawer Organization

Kitchen Drawer Organizers |

Let’s talk about organization.  I love all things systematic and orderly.  Closet organizers, drawer organizers, a place for everything… it’s all a beautiful thing.

And I’ve been blessed to be married to a man that lives by this mantra and helps out around the house a lot.

I mean… A LOT.

Not only is he great with the kids and willing to make a grocery run, but he’s been known to help (on a regular basis) with the dishes and laundry too.

Seriously… he’s kinda the best.

However, when it comes to the topic of cleaning, Tyson and I have very different definitions of what clean looks like.  For me… I’m a perfectionist and although I love things to be organized, I’m the gal that leaves countless piles of stuff around the house.  I’ll pick up a pile and move it to dust underneath, but the pile itself doesn’t bother me.  It’s full of potential.  It represents something that’s gonna get done and bring so much satisfaction… Nothing to sweat about.

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Welcoming Oscar Gold into Your Home

Hand Painted Vase |

Happy Sunday!

Today is one of my favorite Sundays.  For some, Super Bowl Sunday is huge, but in my book, THIS is the first major Sunday of the year.  That’s right…  I’m talking about the Academy Awards.  The fashion, the celebrities, the movies… it’s just the most fabulous day!  So in honor of all the glamour, I have a quick and easy way to add some Oscar gold to your home.

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Sharp Valentine’s Day Trends

Cross Stitch Cupids Arrow |

My favorite trend this Valentine’s season is the Arrow. It’s a fresh twist on traditional holiday hearts and it’s a fun way to decorate for Valentine’s Day without getting too cutesy.  Not only is it a style that can endure far beyond February 14th, but it echoes the chevron craze that is still so hot in home decor.

A couple of looks that have really caught my eye include:

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Paper Valentine

Valentine Banner |

It’s an annual tradition in our home to make paper snowflakes during the holidays.  It’s a relaxing afternoon mostly spent between father and daughter listening to Christmas music and creating fun designs with paper and scissors.  My part in this event comes at the end with hanging the paper decor all around the windows of our home for a little added winter flare.

After Christmas, taking the paper snowflakes down is always a little sad.  They seem to capture a special moment that can’t be easily tossed away.  Over time, I’ve tried to come up with creative ways to pass the love along and this year I’m doing just that with these snowflake valentines.

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