Storypiece is a place to share stories about life and home.  I consider the people that read this blog not just my readers, but my friends.  Therefore, I only accept advertising and discuss products from companies that I believe in and trust.  All opinions expressed on this blog are mine and are consistent with what Storypiece is all about.

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Demographics: Based on internet averages, Storypiece is visited most frequently by women who are 25-34 with children and some college education.  Although I have a world wide audience, these ladies primarily reside in the United States and browse the site from home.


Author Bio:  I’m Danielle and I am the creative home design writer behind Storypiece.  I began this blog as a place to share the stories that make our house a home.  It’s my belief that where we live should not only be filled with things that are useful and beautiful, but it should be a place that is an authentic reflection of the people that live there.  It is my goal to explain not only the how of DIY, decor, crafts and simple recipes, but the meaningful why behind them.  I enjoy the connection I have with my readers and I strive to create a place for others to share their stories too.

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