My First Linky Party!

One of my favorite pieces in our home is my grandpa’s camera.  It actually took images to be seen with a View-Master.  My grandpa had books of View-Master reels from family vacations that were always really fun to look at.

Vintage Camera |

All that to say… I love photos!  When I was a kid I loved taking photos and organizing them into those sticky albums for my mom.  When I grew-up and started a family, I started scrapbooking and continue to do so.  And now with social media, I love taking photos and sharing them with friends on-line.  My hands down favorite app is Instagram!  Snap, add filters, write a caption, share… what’s not to love?!

When 2012 rolled around, a friend told me that she would be doing a photo-a-day challenge thru Instagram.  The challenge is created by Chantelle of FatMumSlim.  Was I in? Heck yeah!

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During January, I discovered the very fun blog The House of Smiths.  Shelley was also participating in the first month’s challenge and announced that she would be holding a link party for everyone to share their photos and blog link.  I so badly wanted to play along and so my goal was to be ready for February.  Without further ado:

My February Photo-a-Day Challenge 2012

February 2012 |

I didn’t complete every challenge on the list, but I had plenty of other fun photos to fill in the gaps.

I think my favorite part of these challenges is taking time to capture a moment in life, in a creative way.  For instance, in January, one of the daily challenges was to take a photo of the inside of your refrigerator… no thanks!  So Barbie let me use hers.

Barbie Frig |

Tess and I had the most fun trying to line up the eggs and watermelon.  A silly mother/daughter moment during a very busy week.

I’m already into the March Photo-a-Day Challenge and I can’t wait to share it here with you.  If you play along, let me know… that’s half the fun!


  1. Shelley Smith says:

    I LOVE all your photos! That Barbie fridge is SO funny AND creative. haha!
    Isn’t it crazy how those old cameras have totally come back into style, for decor and other fun displays? I loved hearing about your story behind yours.

    Thank you for sharing! It was so fun to meet you and take a little glimpse into your month!

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