Lounge Storage – A Work in Progress

When we emptied Tyson’s studio to paint last fall, we made it a point to not bring back in anything that wasn’t going to be a permanent part of the space.  We got rid of a ton of stuff including an extra desk and a changing table that had doubled as a cabinet in the closet. This was our absolute last baby item that we had repurposed once the kids out grew it.  We were being resourceful and it served a function.  And I wish I could tell you we had painted it all cool and it was this really hip piece, but sadly it was a changing table stuck in a closet.

Needless to say, with the desk and changing table gone, Tyson is in serious need of storage.  And we have the perfect spot for a built-in that would provide just that. Over the last two weeks we have been hard at work finishing out our last wall and I can’t wait to share the progress we’ve made.

I mentioned here that the lower wall had been damaged when we removed the garage door openers so we had already done some prep.


Before Built-In's | Storypiece.net

We started with panelling the entire area.

Panel for Built-In's | Storypiece.net

Giant Polaroid | Storypiece.net

Tyson then built a case for the lower wall.

Base Built-In's | Storypiece.net

Before I get to the remaining photos, I need to give credit where credit is due.  During installation and painting, Tyson and I both were taking photos to capture the process.  At one point, Tyson suggested that I stand and take photos in the same spot like he was doing.  My response was something like “Don’t worry… I’ve got this.”  Yeah… guess who’s photos I’m using?

Tyson’s Awesome Time Lapse Photos:

Base Built-In Installed | Storypiece.netShelves & Molding | Storypiece.netPrimed & Ready | Storypiece.netFirst Coat | Storypiece.netSecond Coat | Storypiece.netAnother Coat | Storypiece.net

To give you an idea of the actual enormity of this built-in, it spans 12 feet across and it’s 7 feet tall.  It has been designed so that the upper, center cubby can hold a computer monitor and the lower bookcase is a great height and depth for a standing work station. Tyson works long hours and the flexibility to be able to sit at his desk or stand here will be a major benefit.

Painted Built-In's | Storypiece.net

Side By Side Before & After:

Before Built-In's | Storypiece.net

Painted Built-In's | Storypiece.net

Although the major construction is done, it’s obviously not quite finished.  We now need to wait several weeks for the custom doors and counter top that we are ordering to arrive. But I couldn’t wait any longer to give you an update of where we were at.  It was a little scary applying that first coat of paint to the white surface, but we are really happy with the results.  And I’m beyond excited to have it this far as the built-in was the last big room element to Tyson’s studio that we needed to tackle.  We still have some furniture and decor to install before we can get to the final room reveal, but this is a massive step closer to sharing all of that with you.

And a huge thank you to Tyson for brilliantly capturing the process.  Someone’s genius is showing!


  1. Stacey@aGh says:

    Danielle, my jaw just dropped! This is incredible. So much beautiful work and planning here. Forgive me if I’ve missed this because I’m brain dead sometimes but when you say “studio”… is it a recording studio? Or one of those fabulous rooms to do creative work… of all kinds.
    I’m always scared when I apply really dark paint at first.. but wow, the results are super. I don’t know how you waited this long to share it. I know you’re so excited!

    • Storypiece says:

      Thanks! It has been really fun.

      Tyson is an illustrator and designer; he has a studio that he works from out of our home. Although he mainly does digital artwork, he does occasionally get to do recording for projects which he LOVES! Ultimately, this room will be used for some of that recording and we will be adding an area to meet with clients.

      I love that you have a tab for Richie’s Art on your blog and I’ve been thinking of doing something similar so that others can know more about my man’s work. And how cool was it for Richie to have a gallery show?! That is something that Tyson hopes to do someday.

      • Stacey@aGh says:

        I knew you said he was a musician but I didn’t know he was an illustrator. That totally fascinates me. What type of illustrator. I guess what I’m trying to ask while being dense is .. for books, mags, commercials, cartoons, etc? Is that right? Or all of the above? It sounds super cool. For some reason the person that came to my mind when trying to connect his talents to someone I know is Kelly Asbury. He did Shrek, Toy Story, and Gnomeo and Juliet, etc. He also did books and we have some of his original illustrations. He’s on the college of fine arts board where I work. I may be making the wrong kind of connection in terms of what he does but … anyway, we do have some very creative guys and it makes life fun! Sounds like the space will be perfect.

        • Storypiece says:

          Kelly Asbury is amazing!! Tyson does a variety of work and has done animation, book art, magazines and print work all over the place. Although he hasn’t done anything as high-profile as Kelly, his work is similar in that it is very whimsical and fun. You work with NPR, right? A few years ago, Tyson created this calendar art piece for them. http://www.pixelgarden.com/#!prettyPhoto/21/ It was a special project for us as our kids helped him brainstorm ideas and this was one that our daughter suggested.

          • Stacey@aGh says:

            SHUT THE F–ront DOOR! This just gets better and better. Okay, I know we got off the subject of your room here (sorta)… but Danielle, he is not just an illustrator … is an amazing illustrator. When I clicked that link I just about peed my pants. I also found his blog and read the entry about the NPR calendar. I can’t believe it… I’ve been distributing those calendars to tons of our members and have them in my own home and HE did one of the illustrations. That is by far one of my favorite premiums from NPR… I throw out the months and keep all the illustrations. They’re fabulous… but his is superior to most. I hope you don’t mind me always asking so many questions but I’m so fascinated and so taken by such talented people (I’m including YOU in that!). Really, thank you for sharing that… it has made my WEEK! And tell Tyson he’s awesome and I’m going to have to brag to my co-workers today! HA HA HA!

            • Storypiece says:

              Oh Stacey, you are so kind! You totally made MY week. Tyson and Tess read your comments over breakfast this morning and it would’ve made for the cutest photo (heads together, big smiles). But ironically, they were reading off of MY IPHONE. I completely missed the moment… HA! Thanks again, sweet friend!

  2. Cameron {The Stimson Chronicles} says:

    This room looks amazing, Danielle! I can’t believe the transformation…it must be so cool to see in person! I’m scared to pull the trigger on any major changes, but maybe y’all will inspire me! I can’t wait to see the finished room!

    • Storypiece says:

      Thanks! I really can’t wait to have it completed. You handled so many details for your daughter’s party beautifully, I bet if you did major change in your home, it would be incredible! 🙂

  3. Beth says:

    This project is amazing!! I can hardly wait to see it ‘finished’. And when can you come to my house to do my office?? :)!

    • Storypiece says:

      Thanks, Beth! You know I’ll be sharing all the details once it’s finished. And what are you talking about… I’d be willing to lay down cash that your office is amazing! 🙂

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