And Now for Something a Little Lighter…

The other day Evan told me this joke:

How much does a Hipster weigh?

An Instagram.

Wat, wat, waaaaah!

That’s right… I’m giving credit where credit is due for that bad boy right there.  Actually, it’s a pretty good one coming from a 16 year old.

The great part of that joke is that Evan and I have an ongoing rivalry over our photo apps. He uses Hipstamatic and feels like Instagram ripped them off.  He will NEVER convert. And I believe Instagram took Hipstamatic and made it like, a thousand times better.  Hello… they added a social media component and it’s super intuitive to use. How can you NOT convert?!  So we agree to disagree and enjoy teasing each other about it whenever the opportunity arises.

And so… here is my Instagram Photo-A-Day Challenge from May.

May 2012 |

Yeah… I could never get these shots with Hipstamatic.  But let’s face it… it’s not because it’s a sucky app, but simply because I’m technologically challenged.

And as a side note, I almost shot coffee out my nose when I read that Jae over at How Not to Dress Like a Mom told the SAME cheese-ball joke on this mornings post.  Honestly, I almost always shoot coffee out my nose when I read her Freaky Friday Posts; she’s just so hilarious… and there is just SO much bad fashion out there.  So boogie on over and give Jae a read.  She also has awesome info on non-freaky fashion too.

Here’s to a fabulous weekend… Cheers!


  1. Stacey says:

    It only makes sense, Danielle… COOL MOM… COOL KID! Love the joke and the obviously close and fun relationship you guys have. You know what I’m voting for… INSTAGRAM! Sorry, I might be on my way to being a hipster. HA!
    P.S. Love Jae’s sight. HILARIOUS! Thanks for the recommendation. Have a great weekend.

  2. Makaila says:

    Lol, I love your debate on Instagram! So funny. Being an Android user, I have been recently opened to the world as is IG and looove it!

    Kuddos to you for completing the photo a day challenge! I have tried and tried again to do it and always fall behind.

    Wonderful meeting you at the social Thursday! What an awesome evening!

    • Storypiece says:

      Instagram is definitely a favorite and I love trying to do the challenges even if I miss a day. It’s helped me capture the most random life moments. The social was so fun! Thanks for stopping by… I’ll have to look for you on IG. Have a great weekend!

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