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I wanted to say a huge thank you to my man for helping me out yesterday.

You may have noticed a design update to Storypiece that could only have happened thanks to Tyson.  He was able to take the ideas that I had swirling around in my head and make them into a reality.  He also did it with more polish than I could have dreamed of and in about a tenth of the time.

Helping A Girlfriend Out |

It’s what he does.

But he also works a ton of crazy hours and so to sit in front of the screen for a few more was a tremendous gift.  And I’m over the moon with the results!

Me & My Favorite Guy |

You’re the best, baby.  And thanks for always encouraging me to pursue my dreams!

If you want to check out his amazing portfolio of work, you can find it at


  1. Stacey says:

    You two are so adorable! Great job on the site changes… it’s warm, hip, and totally classy. I think that pretty well describes you both. It’s always a pleasure to visit your beautiful blog!
    I love the dark background. It makes the content really pop… like a simple black frame around a piece of art. The crimson, greys, and blacks work so well together and are very easy on the eyes. Great colors for screen viewing. Danielle, the header kind of reminds me of something you might sew… like a beautiful pillow with gorgeous fabric and trim. Great job Tyson and Danielle… it’s fabulous.

  2. Morgan says:

    I love the update. He did an amazing job. Ya’ll are super cute 🙂 There is no way I could of done something this well.

    • Storypiece says:

      Thanks, Morgan. There’s honestly no way I could’ve pulled this off either. I have grand plans to be coached by my children on all things tech/software related when they are out of school for the summer. It’s brilliant and sad all at the same time.

    • Storypiece says:

      Get outta here!! That is so very cool and abundantly sweet. You just rocked my world, Beth! I’ll definitely check it out and thanks!

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