Purple Palace: Pre-game Planning

Wow… say that one five times fast!

Before I dive into the summer project, let me get you up to speed on where we’re at and where we’re hoping to go with the room.

When we moved to Oregon, we painted Tessa’s room purple and pink; her favorite colors. This was our first set-up:

Over the years, we’ve moved furniture around several times and a while back I got a little creative.  I took her closet doors off and had grand plans for her bed to come straight out, like a Murphy Bed.  That weirded her out too much (um… mom… I’m sleeping in a closet?!). So we put the dresser in there instead.

Her room (like most spaces) has it’s own issues.  It has a large, low window that makes it difficult to place anything in front of.

On the opposite wall there is the closet and entrance to the room.

And the room is just small enough that if you place the bed so that it T’s out from the wall, you cut off any place to really hang out and play.  So the bed continues to end up in this corner.  Unless anyone has other suggestions, it will probably stay here.

On the opposite wall, Tess has her desk next to the door to her room.  And since we dismantled her closet, the shelving that was in there has been relocated next to the window.

I know… it was an interesting choice.  But I like to think outside of the box sometimes.

So… anyhow… this is her room today.

Besides the color choices that we made, here are the key issues that we plan on addressing:

  1. Bedding – We wanted to get Tess new grown-up bedding to go with her new teen room. We’ve already ordered it as a jumping off point for determining the paint color.  I can’t wait to share it with you soon.
  2. Window Coverings – White gauze sheers would be pretty, but since the room gets so much sun, we need black out curtains or something similar.
  3. Closet – We will be re-installing the shelving in Tessa’s closet.  The dresser will come out of the room and the girl will need a place for her clothes.
  4. Storage – Tess has a lot of things and has a hard time saying goodbye to anything. Nothing will come back into the room unless it has a home and storage will be key.
  5. Vanity – She would love a vanity AND a desk, but there isn’t enough room for both.  We’ll be working on some sort of combo.
  6. Art – I have an idea for some custom art that I hope she’ll love.
  7. Lighting – It would be so fun to add a girlie chandelier.
  8. Egg Chair – Tess saw a chair like this some time ago and would love one for her room. We’ll have to see…

Image by thisnext.com

We’ve spent the day painting and she kept saying over and over “I LOVE this color”. Whew… I was a little worried that she might change her mind.  I like it too and I can’t wait to show you what we’re up to.


  1. northofseven says:

    I thought I was the only human alive who has done the dresser inside a closet for storage thing. I swear it works so well in a good walk in if you don’t have the money for full closet organizational system. Maybe she could try the bed horizontally against the window? That’d be a nice thing to wake to, with the window on her right? Or are you then tight on desk/bookshelf space? It never fails. Windows are great but sometimes the people who put them in and then choose a heating vent location at the same time you go really, you thought that was a great idea? They obviously don’t think about furniture placement.

    • Storypiece says:

      I thought I was being so clever by having the bed come out from the closet. She’s always wanted a canopy so I thought this could be the next best thing. I still think it’s an interesting idea. 🙂

      You’re so right in that it doesn’t feel like the builders considered furniture placement when they planned the room. The vent location is in a terrible spot and the window just complicates matters. You do have me brainstorming an idea for putting her bed in front of the window though. Hmmmm…. I’ll have to think it thru and let you know. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Morgan says:

    For a vanity and desk you could always get a big mirrow with a pretty frame and put it above the desk so its a combo. Then you could put some fun jewelry holders on top of the desk but you still wouldn’t lose the desk. I like the idea of a chandelier!

    • Storypiece says:

      That’s kinda what I was thinking. I’m hoping to find a mirror with a scrolly, feminine vibe. The jewelry holders are a good idea… thanks!

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