A Life Story

Over the last week, I’ve been struggling with what to write here.

Actually…. that’s not entirely true.  I haven’t had much time to think about blogging at all.

Thursday morning I got word that my step-dad had quickly passed away due to complications from his year long battle with cancer.  As we were all bracing for a hard struggle ahead, he was suddenly gone.  Within an hour of getting the kids off to school, I got the call, had a bag packed and was heading for the airport.  It was a full day of travel. And emotion.  And adrenaline.


Now that my brother and I are with my mom, the week has been full of painful decision making.  And how do you make decisions to honor someone’s life… to capture who they were and what they meant when you are still expecting them to walk through the door? We are trying to figure that out through tears and laughter and time spent together.

And so for me, that means I won’t be here.

I felt like I should say something, but sometimes there just are no words.

Glenn & Kids

Live long and prosper.  I’ll be back in a bit.




  1. Stacey says:

    I’m so sorry Danielle. Hold each other tonight and I’ll keep you all in my prayers.
    (big hug) – Stacey

  2. littleprince68 says:

    My sincere sympathy to you and your family. May our good Lord continue to comfort you in time of grief and sorrow. But for sure, you have all the reasons to smile because of the wonderful years you have spent with him.

  3. Trisha D. says:

    This brought a tear to my eye we too lost someone near and dear to us to cancer, it was a longer battle, at almost 5 years. It wasn’t easy watching him slowly deteriorate. He passed right before Thanksgiving and the Holidays were pretty rough. It’s extremely tough to honor someone the way we think they wanted it.

    • Danielle says:

      Oh Trisha… I’m truly sorry. It’s never easy saying goodbye to someone and having to do that right before the holidays and then walk through those holidays without them… I know exactly how painful that is. There is no way to honor them that feels adequate enough. Hopefully you had some sweet family moments with everyone else in the process.

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