B is for Birthday

Not too long ago, I caught this sweet post by Kelly at Studio DIY.  For her husband’s birthday, she marked the day by having significant people in his life share special memories they had of him.  She gave the written memories to him throughout the day with a unique activity to go along with the note.  What an amazing gift!

This got me thinking about Tyson’s upcoming birthday… and then it got me thinking about a funny story of my own and I immediately knew what I had to do to celebrate.

You see… when Tyson and I got married, I had the most incredible bachelorette party.


My girlfriends planned an entire evening using my soon-to-be last name as an acronym for the nights festivities.  For the “D” they took me to the Disneyland Hotel and for the “L” they took me line dancing.

For “G” they pushed me through a grocery store…

G is for Groceries

… and for “R” they got a guy to put a ring on my finger.  An Onion Ring.

R is for Ring

I have a long last name, but you get the point; we had a busy night.  Maybe you had to be there, but I thought it rocked!  We were dressed in Goodwill finds and had a complete blast… no alcohol or strippers required!

So taking this goofball idea, I planned out a full day to celebrate my man.  The kids had the day off of school and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to surprise him with something completely out of the ordinary.


Because of some of the things planned, we weren’t able to hit each activity in order to spell out his name.  To keep things straight forward, I’ll take you through our day as it unfolded.

S – Slappy Cakes

We started Tyson’s birthday with brunch at this awesome local restaurant.  Each table comes with it’s own built-in griddle and you can choose from a variety of items to make your own sweet or savory pancakes. It was so neat to come up with our own crazy combinations and I got lots of ideas for making pancakes at home.


However, my absolute favorite thing on the menu was their chicken fried bacon.  Hello!!

Chicken-Fried Bacon

Delicious and Dangerous!

What could be next?

Next Clue

N – Neon and Niketown

A trip to Niketown to check out some new running clothes.  Nothing like stuffing yourself before looking at exercise clothing, am I right?  Niketown is located in the heart of Portland and it use to be a fairly dark store… thus the neon.

Neon Glow Sticks

Although we struck out on finding anything that the birthday boy couldn’t live without, we did continue wandering around the city and saw some other interesting sites.

Silver Statue ManBoxerOpolyOz Puzzle

T – Tryon Creek

Tryon Creek Park

A hike in this beautiful park seemed like a great plan after such a heavy brunch. But honestly, we spent so much time shopping and playing in the city, Tyson now has an official raincheck to hike another day.

Y – Yogurtland

What can I say… “Y” is a hard letter to come up with an activity for.  But building our own frozen concoctions proved to be way more fun than a traditional cake.


O – Oz

We ended the day with a trip to the movies. Oblivion and Olympus Has Fallen are not out in theaters yet so we went to see the Wizard instead.  Oz the Great & Powerful was visual eye candy and cheese-ball goodness.

Off To See The Wizard

Turning 40 something was action packed and made Tyson feel undeniably special.  For a man who would rather have shared experiences than a bunch of presents, this was the perfect day filled with lots of silly memories.

Birthday Fun

So tell me… Have you had a unique party that was like no other?  Do you have a favorite birthday tradition?  Have you ever tried Chicken Fried Bacon?  I’m telling you… it’s A-MAH-ZING!


  1. Stacey says:

    What a sweet idea! You guys look like you had a blast. After a certain age the gifts just don’t mean as much as the people you love and the time you spend with them. I just love this! That boxer-opoly is hilarious– Dog gone it! Happy Birthday to Tyson!

    P.S. Your bachelorette party was definitely rockin’! Love the onion “ring” HA HA. SO FUN.

    • admin says:

      It truly was so much fun to have a day completely planned instead of throwing out suggestions and getting everyone’s buy-in. No one (except me) knew what was suppose to happen next and they loved the surprise element of it. And because they were all having so much fun, it was easy to just be flexible when the plan got off track. I’ve picked out some pretty stellar gifts in the past, but you’re so right… this meant more to Tyson than something that is going to find it’s way to Goodwill in a few years.

  2. Gilit says:

    I love this idea! And perfect timing because my husband’s birthday is next week and I couldn’t figure out what to get him! Okay, I gotta start planning…

  3. Sharon says:

    YOU are amazing Danielle! What a fun birthday for Tyson and for your family. I definitely want to try Slappy Cakes!

    • admin says:

      Oh Sharon… you are the sweetest and I miss seeing you! Slappy Cakes is a must for you and your guys. There was a bit of a wait even mid week, but it is so worth it. Go and enjoy and let me know what you think.

  4. Victoria • Restoring our Victorian says:

    Okay… that’s IS really sweet… but NOW I want to read the long-version of your bachelorette party. Or, you could just upload more photos… because those are AWESOME.

    In the bendy-glasses photo, your kids and Tyson look like triplets. I mean, they look IDENTICAL to each other!

    But then, the one of you and your daughter, YOU two look like twins. Not sure how they both look exactly like both of you.

    • admin says:

      Sadly after *cough* 20 *cough* years of marriage, the photos from the bachelorette party are really dark and not great. These ones were the lightest and you could make out the most detail. However, a video from the night exists somewhere… We’ll have to see if it surfaces. 🙂

      People tell me all the time that Tess looks like a mini version of me and I just don’t see it. I did in this picture though, which is so fun. The freakier part is that my husband and son sound EXACTLY alike on the phone. It always throws everyone off, but my son enjoys that more than when they said he sounded like me.

    • admin says:

      I’m pretty great! 🙂 And now I get to remind him of that for the next year… or at least until my birthday next month. Speaking of which… guess what I just ordered for myself?! EEK! Can’t wait!

  5. ScrapAndSalvage says:

    you guys are adorable. i love the bachelorette party and now birthday party idea! so much creativity, you could do this every year and always come up with something new! well played. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TYSON!!

    • admin says:

      Thanks! There are a lot of ways you can take this. My girlfriend got married two months after I did and we did a “This is Your Life” deal. We went to all kinds of places that were significant to her and the groom. Now that we are moving out of the crazy birthday party extravaganza phase with our kiddos, I need to remember to do more of this kind of thing to make them feel truly special.

  6. kirsten says:

    SUCH an amazing birthday idea – how fun! And, I really, really wish I was at your bachelorette party! What a creative and perfectly planned party for the bride to be!

    • admin says:

      Thanks, Kirsten. Coming from someone who knows how to throw an amazing party, your words are much appreciated. It was truly so much fun!

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