Bedroom Retreat

A few weeks ago, I noticed that Apartment Therapy was accepting submissions for their Bedroom Retreat Contest. Since the only room that I’ve shown on this blog from start to finish was Tessa’s bedroom remodel that we did last summer, I decided to throw my hat into the ring.

Purple Palace - After 1

And when I didn’t hear back from them, I kinda assumed that it wasn’t what they were looking for and moved on.

So you can imagine my complete and utter surprise when I received an email this week saying that I was in! Now it’s time to sound the horn to all my family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, grocery store clerks, dental hygienist and anyone else:

Head to Apartment Therapy and vote for me!

Here’s the deal: You have to register to vote… but registering is easy. Voting closes April 1st at midnight EST. You should probably go cast your vote now. I can totally wait here while you do…

Purple Palace - After 2

Getting accepted into the contest has been really cool, but the most amazing part for me has been reading the comments that people have left on there. Some of them are REALLY honest. And I love each and every one of them!

You see, as a kid it had been my dream to be an artist. But putting my art (an extension of myself) out into the world and having it critiqued was really hard. Hard enough that I decided to not chase after that as a career. I retreated. I gave it up. I continued to do things that were creative, but just for me or our family. Minimal risk? Yes, please.

But when I made the decision to start writing a blog, I knew at some point I was going to have to face that fear and be ready to not run from it. Even though the comments I received weren’t horrible, (I’ve heard some serious horror stories from bloggers) I felt a little heat. And I didn’t melt. I even kinda like the crazy pants honesty of it. Who knew?!

Purple Palace Photo Wall

So even if you don’t like everything I do or if you don’t vote for me in the contest, we can still be friends. But if you DO vote, we can be BFF’s.

Okay… just kidding….

A little…

Have you ever done a u-turn in life to pursue a childhood dream? What made you take the risk? Have you ever been surprised by an experience in ways you couldn’t imagine?

Please don’t forget to vote!

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  1. kellycreason says:

    Voted!! And although the deep purple would make me a little nuts, I could totally see someone using THEIR particular favorite color and taking the lead from you. I especially like the b/w photo arrangement on the wall, the way they are all the same size, etc. Soothes the OCD in me. 😉

    • admin says:

      Thanks, Kelly! I know the purple isn’t for everyone and I think you are absolutely right in that you could really take this design and apply any color to it. Did you notice that one of the framed photos is of Titus? Tess just loves that pooch!

    • admin says:

      When I read that comment on AT, I immediately thought, “Hmmm… that sounds a little… STRIDENT.” Bwhahaha! I guess that gal and I will just have to agree to disagree. Thanks for the luck and the vote!

      And I’m trying to email you right now, but I’m still having technical issues. I’m in on your idea and can’t wait to chat.

  2. Stacey says:

    I vote for PURPLE! (and you) Congrats on the big A.T. entry. That room deserves some royal treatment… for sure. How does Tessa feel about all the excitement. I mean her bedroom is famous, now! WOO HOO!

    • admin says:

      You are the best! Thank you for this. Tess is pretty excited about the whole thing, but she’s still thinking a hanging egg chair would be the ultimate. I think the only way that is happening is if I win the AT contest. Hmmmm… I probably should’ve told her that. I would’ve had an instant advocate to get the vote out. 🙂

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