Chessboard Review

When I moved Storypiece from to a few months back, I realized that some additional housekeeping would be in order.  I knew part of the move would include updating keywords for SEO, improving photo tags and tightening up some of the post formatting.  For those that don’t blog, this essentially all comes down to reviewing my older content and making changes so that people can find me on the web and when they do, it doesn’t take a thousand years for the page to load.

All good things, but surprisingly tedious.

As I’ve begun this process, I’m also realizing that if you are new to this blog, you may not have seen some of these older posts.  Some of which I’m still pretty excited about.  Okay… many of the photos are painfully embarrassing, but the projects themselves are fun.

Like the custom chessboard I made for Tyson.

Last Spring we were given several unexpected items from Tyson’s step-mom, Patty.

One such treasure was a handmade chess set that Tyson’s Mom had made for his Dad when Tyson was a baby.

Vintage Chess Pieces | Storypiece

Tyson didn’t remember the set from his childhood and so I called his Mom to get the full story.

Vintage Chess Set | StorypieceI also decided to make a custom chessboard for the pieces to complete the set.  It included the vintage newsprint that the pieces had been wrapped in and really cool metallic paint.

Ironing Newspaper | Storypiece

Through the process, I even learned that you can iron old crinkled newspaper.  Who knew?!

Custom Chessboard made from Vintage Newsprint | Storypiece

Of course, we still don’t know how to play chess.  But when we learn, we’ve got the perfect set.

So periodically I may bring back a few of these stories.  I promise not to reblog every one, just to share the highlights.  If you’ve read them before, feel free to skip over the review. And if there’s something that speaks to you, let me hear that too.

Any new tasks in your life that are giving you time to reflect? Have you taken a recent walk down memory lane? Do you know how to play chess and want to come teach our family?




  1. Victoria • Restoring our Victorian says:

    My sister in law is in town, and this post got lost in my attempts to ignore email for more than 10 hours… kind of frightening that’s how quickly it spirals out of control!!

    I LOVE this idea. The newsprint is so fantastic!!!

    I’ve mostly decided to abandon my old posts to obscurity. Anytime I’ve thought about trying to go back and fix them, I’ve decided I’d rather clean the stove.

    • admin says:

      You are a smart woman! The tediousness of updating some of these posts is astounding and makes me insanely grumpy. I’m trying to hit the ones that still get traffic because they take FOREVER to load, but it’s not pretty.

      Enjoy your time with your sister-in-law!

  2. Alex @ northstory says:

    I think this is a great idea Danielle! I’ve contemplated doing this with past posts if only to get rid of a certain watermark *cough* but also b/c there is some fun content that as a new blogger, was a train wreck in its execution online and it would work better if I could revamp it for the present.

    That is one damn cool looking chessboard let just say. I smell a decor project for you with newsprint in the future no…hmmmm….

    • admin says:

      Oh Alex… it’s SO tedious going through the old photos and updating them. I’m hoping that if I can do a few each week, I’ll eventually get them all done and behind me. I just read another recommendation about watermarks and thought of you. Good times!

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