Spring Pinterest Challenge Preview

Recently, Sherry Petersik (from YHL) and Katie Bower (of Bower Power) announced their Spring Pinterest Challenge would be this week and my little creative heart grew three sizes that day.  Of all the link parties in blogland, this one is by far my favorite.  It really brings out some amazingly talented people and it pushes me to try my hand at something new that I’ve been eyeing on Pinterest.

Pinterest Challenge - Spring Edition

And this challenge came at the perfect time; I knew exactly what I wanted needed to do.

You know those projects that you do and you think “YEAH… that’s so AWESOME!”, but then over time you start thinking “yeah… not so much.”?  The project I decided to tackle was a lot like that.  Something I liked on initial application, but it hasn’t really stood the test of time.  And something that every time I walked by, was really starting to bum me out.  It was time to change ALL that.

Want a little preview of tomorrow’s post?

I thought you might… so I updated another “blast from the past post” in preparation for what’s ahead.

Chalkboard Montage | Storypiece.net

You can click on the link here to see how I took an old cabinet door and turned it into a chalkboard for our laundry room.

This is the fourth post I ever wrote and I’m so glad I went back and updated it.  Not only does the post page load so much faster, the original photos were really blurry.  The lighting still isn’t great in them, but the image quality has vastly improved.

Need another hint?

Well… let’s just say this little board got a great big design improvement.

Welcome to Storypiece

How’s that for a tease for tomorrow’s post?  Are you participating in the Spring Pinterest Challenge? Is there something hanging around your place that you once loved, but have grown weary of?  Let me hear all about it in the comments.

Need more Pinterest Challenge fun?  Check out some of my other projects here, here, here and here.


    • admin says:

      Seriously?! That is so fun! I have found some of my favorite bloggers through this link-up too. So many creative people get involved. Can’t wait to see how your project is coming along.

    • admin says:

      Aww… but you’re hanging with a little one who is WAY more fun than Pinterest. You’re definitely not missing anything more important than that guy. 🙂

    • admin says:

      I’m astounding at my ability to procrastinate on things. Now, if only someone would pay me to be a professional procrastinator, I’d be golden.

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